LA Mayoral Candidate Wants Cops Gone

The city of Los Angeles has been run by a Democrat called Eric Garcetti since 2013. In that time, the city has experienced huge growth in homelessness, crime, drug use, and poverty.

Of course, not all of it can be blamed on Garcetti. Though his Democrat Party certainly shares a lot of the blame for putting this country into lockdown and banning many small businesses during COVID.

They also put forward awful policies regarding crime, including letting criminals out on zero bail, slashing police budgets, and softening penalties for gun crime done by repeat offenders.

Now, one of the believers in these failed policies is running for mayor; her positions are so extreme they’re even shocking the city’s left.

Meet Far-Left Fanatic Gina Viola

Gina Viola is running for mayor. She’s a longtime black rights activist who believes the police are “white supremacists” who need to be defunded and abolished.

There are a lot of people running for mayor in the Democrat primary since Garcetti maxed out how many terms he can serve. The primary will be held on June 7. Viola is hoping her anti-police rhetoric and self-hating propaganda can win the day.

She is outshadowed by fellow Democrats Rick Caruso and Karen Bass, who have both taken the opposite position on policing. They say the LAPD actually needs more officers and resources (which is true).

Viola wants free housing for all, an end to cracking down on illegal immigrants, a “Green New Deal,” socialized medicine, wide access to abortion on demand, and the eventual complete abolishment of the LAPD.

She wants to replace it with social service workers and anti-racist activists who understand the problems of the black community.

In other words, she’s a delusional idiot who shouldn’t be anywhere near the ballot. Though in 2022 America, she unfortunately is.

‘Black Liberation’

Viola claims to stand for “black liberation” and says her opponent, Rick Caruso, represents “white supremacy” and using police as the “watchdog” of racist policies that keep wealth from black people.

Caruso’s team said her “disturbing” comments have no place in the race.

They’re correct. This foolish far-leftist has a completely distorted view of law and order and the black community, many of whom also want more police and safer streets.

She arrogantly believes she has the right to speak on behalf of all black people for some reason.

She does this by picking a small subset of far-left black activists in Los Angeles and boosting their message while claiming to be speaking for black people in general.

A similar tactic was used very successfully by the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement.

The Bottom Line

Luckily, Viola looks like she will lose badly this coming week.

Though her voice is so far left, it’s still shocking to even have it taken seriously in a large mayoral race. Take her to the loony bin.