Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Ready to Go As Judge Sets Rules

Last summer, America was burning and the liberal media was cheering it on. They claimed it was because police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of George Floyd. Later, the shooting of a violent criminal called Jacob Blake added to the flames.

According to Joe Biden and our media, this justified burning down businesses, assaulting cops and gathering in huge crowds to break COVID rules. One of the main groups involved in this anti-American violence was Antifa.

As President Trump said, Antifa are terrorists. Two of them tried to kill a young man and got what was coming to them. Now, that young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, is set to go on trial.

Rittenhouse Trial Set to Kick Off in Madison

Now, the Rittenhouse trial is set to kick off in Madison, Wisconsin over what happened last summer. The trial starts in a few days on November 1.

Rittenhouse is charged with the murder of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, as well as injuring a young man called Gaige Grosskreutz. Rosenbaum was a convicted child molester and he, Huber and Grosskreutz were all Antifa members.

The judge is deciding what will be permitted during the trial and which experts will be allowed to testify. The shooting happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after Rittenhouse came to help defend the city from the violent riots that were going on.

According to his lawyers, he shot the three men out of self defense when they tried to kill him. Video from the incident shows these people were definitely coming after him with all they had.

Judge Bruce Schroeder Presiding

The presiding judge on this case is called Bruce Schroeder. The prosecution wants him to not allow Rittenhouse to call the expert who will show it was self-defense. In return, they say they will also leave out some expert testimony they have.

According to Rittenhouse’s lawyer, a video showing police giving water to Rittenhouse and telling him thanks for keeping the city safe also shows he wasn’t just going looking for a fight. The defense asked Schroeder not to allow the video.

One thing which is positive in Rittenhouse’s defense is Antifa will not be allowed to be called protesters; they will be known as rioters and looters, which is what they were. This is a good sign and shows Schroeder may not be biased on the liberal side.

The Bottom Line

According to the left, Rittenhouse is a psychotic killer who just wanted Antifa’s blood. According to conservatives, he’s a young man who responded to a mess and got caught up in it, doing what he had to.

This trial will help uncover the truth, but we already know the liberal media is going to be trying their best to influence the outcome and put Rittenhouse behind bars for life.