Kamala Stabs Biden’s Back Again Over Potential 2024 Run

(Social media video snapshot)

Vice President Kamala Harris has once again stabbed Joe Biden in the back. Harris responded with a conditional answer to a television interview question on whether he is going to run for reelection in 2024.

Second Time Harris Backstabs Biden

Harris’ latest backstabbing of her boss’ reelection prospects came during her TV interview with NBC News anchor Chuck Todd.

Harris’ declaration that she would once again be Biden’s running mate “if” – and not “when” – he runs for reelection is already creating a major degree of uncertainty for the Biden administration.

The exact reasons Kamala is choosing to refrain from being firm in her support for Biden’s reelection remains unclear. It could range from a desire to subtly undermine her own boss, who is having a hard time with respect to approval ratings as it is.

Biden’s approval ratings have been collapsing for months now, courtesy of the numerous major crises that his administration has gotten the United States into.

(Social media video snapshot)

Oh, and the Border is ‘Secure,’ Too!

When asked by Chuck Todd whether Sleepy Joe is planning on running for reelection, Harris began by reminding the show’s audience that Biden has already “been very clear” about his intention to renew his candidacy.

Kamala herself has been no stranger to speech gaffes, with word salads being her specialty, so much so that she has been rivaling her boss in who will make more public blunders.

At the same time, unlike her gaffes, Biden’s appear to be more and more of the “senior moment” type, possibly driven by dementia-like symptoms.

In her interview, Kamala refused to reveal whether she and Sleepy Joe have ever discussed a “worst-case scenario” in which he dies in office.

The vice president only said she is praying for this not to happen. She diverted the question by talking about the importance of the veep’s job, which, in her words, Joe Biden himself is very familiar with.

In another particularly notable moment of her “Meet the Press” interview, Harris pretended that there was no illegal immigration crisis whatsoever.

The vice president went on record saying the Biden administration hasn’t really created an unmitigated disaster at the southern border.

When the interviewer pointed out that this fiscal year, America is going to have two million people cross illegally its borders for the first time, Kamala just claimed the border is “secure” and “that is a priority.”

She once again blamed President Donald Trump for the Biden border crisis because of “deterioration” during his term.

The reality is on Trump’s watch, the US had the most secure border in years. By contrast, more than five million people – including one million gotaways – have waltzed into America on Sleepy Joe and Kamala’s watch.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.