Kamala Makes a Complete Fool of Herself…Again

Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t belong in her position. It’s not just that she has no idea what she’s doing. She’s starting to say things that make even Joe Biden sound clear and intelligent.

Harris’ gaffes since becoming VP are well known. She was put in charge of resolving our border crisis. Yet, instead, she went to Mexico and Guatemala and angered their leaders with bizarre statements.

She yelled about Afghanistan while our soldiers were being killed, only concerned that it could hurt our reputation.

She laughs at the strangest times, including most recently while talking about Ukrainian refugees whose families are getting killed. She has also shown a complete detachment from the problems of real Americans, our economic crisis, and the war in Ukraine.

Although, lately it’s gotten even more bizarre; to put it frankly, Harris sounds like she is on very powerful hallucinogenic drugs.

Harris’ Bizarre Word Salad

Harris made headlines a week ago for going on a completely nonsensical rant about “the passage of time” in Louisiana.

She was talking about installing high-speed internet, but instead wandered off on some weird tangent, talking like a groupie at a Grateful Dead concert.

The latest example of her strange behavior comes from a press conference with the leader of Jamaica yesterday.

Jamaica is led by a Prime Minister by the name of Andrew Holness. He was invited to the White House on Wednesday to line up with the 60th year that the US and Jamaica have had diplomatic ties.

While speaking about helping Jamaica, Harris started mangling her words in a truly strange way repeating the word “economic” about five times and sounding like some kind of hippie tripping out in a back alley.

She was just saying the US is helping Jamaica with economic issues partly caused by COVID. However, I don’t think she could have made it sound more complicated and strange if she’d tried!

This was truly insane, as people online pointed out.

Why is She Doing This?

Some people online are speculating that Harris is using drugs or intentionally trying to prank people. Either of these would be a better alternative than the most likely explanation:

She’s tired, unprofessional, and is mentally degenerating from the pressure of being VP.

To be fair, it could happen to the best of us and the job is likely incredibly difficult and grueling. However, that’s why you and I are not currently serving as VP.

Harris is serving as VP (technically) and she has a job to do. If she can’t do it, she should quit immediately.

Our national security and reputation is at stake; we don’t want someone who sounds like Bob Marley at 4:20 p.m. standing up in front of the world every few days and making us a laughingstock.