Kamala Harris Laughs at the Worst Possible Thing

The Biden-Harris regime has stranded thousands of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. President Biden is clueless and completely dishonest, saying Americans who want to get out are able to do so.

Meanwhile, his VP Kamala Harris has been busy screwing everything else up for our country as well. She messed up the border, humiliating herself in Mexico and Guatemala, and she’s been hiding during the Afghan crisis to dodge blame. Most recently, she had the worst possible reaction to an interviewer who asked about the tragedy that’s going on in Afghanistan.

The Situation in Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan is that Biden pulled out without a backup plan. He handed over everything to the Taliban with no idea how to get the thousands of Americans (and Afghan allies who worked with us during the war) out of the country.

Now, the Kabul airport is a disaster zone; the Taliban are hunting collaborators door to door and Americans are living in fear as they try to find a way to get past Taliban checkpoints and leave Afghanistan.

At this point, there are an estimated 15,000 Americans still abandoned behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. There are also 60,000 Afghans who worked with us during the war and have a target over their heads.

These people need to be rescued and extracted from Afghanistan immediately, but the airport isn’t even safe to go to anymore. As you can see, this is far from a humorous or easygoing situation. This is what makes it so sickening that VP Kamala Harris had one of her demonic laughing fits as a reporter asked her about saving Americans in Afghanistan.

What Happened?

Harris is currently on a make-work trip in Vietnam and Singapore. However, when she arrived in Singapore, the media understandably wanted to know what the plan is to rescue our citizens in Afghanistan.

Harris told the journalist to “hold on” and started laughing. Yes, she actually did that. Her point was that reporters shouldn’t just pounce and ask her questions as soon as she touched the ground and got off Air Force 2.

Harris considers herself a queen who’s above being pressured to answer questions or be interrupted. She then claimed that Afghanistan was an extremely “high priority,” but her instinctual reaction to someone asking about it was to chuckle.

In addition, we all saw what she did when the crisis started coming down hard on our government and troops: she hid like a coward and disappeared from the public eye.

Harris is the Worst

Kamala Harris is the worst VP in living memory. It’s incredibly disturbing to think that she got this job because of her ethnicity and gender. Now, we can all see what happens when decisions are made based on identity politics: disaster.

Americans need to be saved from Afghanistan. We do not need to see the image of a chuckling Queen Harris disgracing our nation.