Justin Trudeau Gets Humiliated by Truckers

Canada’s leader Justin Trudeau has threatened the freedom truckers. He says “everything” is being considered to get them out of the capital of Ottawa and off the main trade bridge between the US and Canada.

Trudeau warned “violence” is possible and those who don’t leave will risk having severe consequences. Huge crowds of truckers have been blocking the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan for a number of days now.

Last night, they were told to leave or be arrested.

Here’s What Happened…

The protesters voted together to link arms and stand in solidarity at the time the deadline passed. They rallied, cheered, and stood strong as more came to join them. Then, the police never arrived.

Trudeau’s threat and that of Ontario leader Doug Ford seemed to be hollow. They stayed on the bridge all night on Friday night.

Then, on Saturday morning, just before 9 a.m., vehicles from the Windsor police department and a number of officers came to the bridge and began enforcing the clearing order.

Around 100 truckers still stayed on the bridge Saturday morning, defiantly saying they didn’t care about fines and would risk arrest. The mayor of Windsor Drew Dilkens said he’s sick of the protests and they “need” to stop.

More than one-quarter of all US-Canada merchandise trade goes over the Ambassador Bridge every year. These stoppages are costing millions of dollars and have Trudeau panicking.

Most of the protesters appear to have left (for now) after the threat of arrests on Saturday morning, but there’s nothing to prevent them from coming back to cause another log jam. Plus, those who still remain are showing they aren’t scared.

The World is Watching

The trucker freedom protests caught the attention of the whole world; truckers in the United States are planning a similar convoy from California to DC. It’s Joe Biden’s worst nightmare.

A group of peaceful, working-class folks who have had enough of the restrictions and lies descending on your capital city tends to make you look pretty bad.

These truckers may have mostly dispersed by Saturday morning, but they embarrassed Canada’s liberal leader in front of the whole world on Friday night by not leaving and staying for a sleepover.

Trudeau has been called the coward of the cottage for running away during the protests and hiding in an undisclosed location. He claimed to have COVID, and his words have been getting more and more unhinged.

The Bottom Line

The truckers are fighting for freedom for all of us.

Trudeau is against freedom, just like Joe Biden is. He’s even said any American who contributes money or helps the Canadian truckers could be in trouble now.

Tyrants should learn their threats just increase the determination of patriots.