Justice Thomas Comes Under Vicious Racial Attack For Anti-Abortion Ruling

(Montpelier, Vermont, PD)

Democrats are resorting to particularly vicious means of attacking the six conservative SCOTUS justices in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

This includes a case in which Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson targeted Justice Clarence Thomas with “Uncle Tom” slurs.

Hollywood Pulls Out the ‘Uncle Tom’ Card

On Friday, SCOTUS killed the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which legalized abortion on the federal level.

Interestingly, Friday’s 6-3 ruling doesn’t ban abortion, just sends it back to the individual states. Yet, the left mobilized its full range of propaganda machines to present the decision as though it is actually banning abortion all across the United States.

One particularly nasty such outburst is a tweet posted by Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson attacking Clarence Thomas, the only black conservative justice on the Supreme Court. Thomas is known for his strong stances on divisive issues.

In his tweet, Jackson called Thomas “Uncle Clarence”, a reference to the Civil War-era book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” in which the character of Uncle Tom is seen as being voluntarily subservient to white slave owners.

The Marxist-Communist left nowadays considers any person of color to be part of its “feudal domain” by default. It viciously attacks any person of color who dares to be a conservative and/or a Republican.

Thus, the leftist extremists call such people “Uncle Toms” to insinuate they are only seeking the “whites’ approval.”

Samuel Jackson’s tweet, however, was a dual attack against Justice Clarence Thomas; the Hollywood actor also went after the justice’s interracial marriage.

Jackson asked how Thomas would feel if Loving v. Virginia gets overturned. This is the 1967 Supreme Court ruling which abolished state laws forbidding interracial marriages, as though interracial marriage has anything to do with the issue of abortion.

Thomas is married to a white wife, Ginni Thomas.

Attacking Everyone Because ‘Abortion Isn’t Safe’

In particularly nauseating rage from far-left foot soldiers, protesters against Friday’s SCOTUS ruling vandalized a Christian clinic for pregnancy care in Colorado.

The Life Choices clinic located in Longmont, near Boulder, Colorado, was set on fire. Marxist-Communist vandals left no doubt they committed the arson, due to the vile message they spray-painted all over the property, The Daily Mail reported.

One sickening, telling message was “if abortions aren’t safe, you aren’t either.”  This may refer to Christians, pregnant women who aren’t having abortions, or just conservatives and Republicans, in general.

The clinic in question is a “Christian-centered” institution offering education and some medical services on pregnancy. It was set on fire in the middle of the night, shortly after  3 AM on Saturday morning.

Another case of shocking abortionist vandalism occurred in Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, where vandals attacked the State Capitol to spray paint that same message.