Just Another Horrifying Weekend of Murder and Mayhem in Chicago

Press conference for the victims of Chicago gun violence by BobboSphere is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made news for saying she’ll only give interviews to non-white people. 

Yet, she has far bigger things to worry about in the Windy City than her own racist issues. 

Entire areas of Chicago continue to basically be a war zone. While Democrats whine about guns and “assault weapons,” they have numerous examples of places like Chicago that are becoming Hell on Earth. 

This past weekend saw 28 people get shot in Chicago, two of whom were killed…and that’s not even a particularly violent weekend in Chicago. 

Another Weekend of Street War in Chicago

From Friday night to Sunday morning there were 14 shot and two killed in Chicago, plus twelve more on Saturday. This adds up to 28 shooting victims in one Chicago weekend. 

If you think that’s a lot, keep in mind that 1,298 people have been shot in Chicago between January and May 24. It’s not only a very large amount of people, it’s 291 more shooting victims than the same window last year. 

Chicago, like many Democrat-run-cities across America, has a serious rise in violence and murder. So far, its murder rate is up 25% compared to 2020; this is part of a very disturbing pattern in Democrat-run urban areas in places like New York, Minneapolis and similar places. 

There have already been 227 murders in Chicago between January to May 18.  

Practically every weekend is a bloodbath of epic proportions as families are robbed of their loved ones and young people lose their lives. That’s not even to mention the many innocent passersby who get caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. 

Lori Lightfoot at MacLean Center by MacLean Center is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Tough Gun Laws Don’t Work

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and various areas of the city have put in “assault weapon” bans and other measures. In 2020 alone, cops in Chicago confiscated almost 12,000 illegal firearms and arrested 7,238 individuals for having guns they were not legally permitted to have. 

Did any of this stop or reduce gun violence? 

Not even close. 

The obvious fact is that cities like Chicago have a violence and murder problem, not a gun problem.

Having said that, criminals and those buying illegal firearms all over the illegal weapons markets of Chicago and the surrounding area should be punished much more severely than they currently are being punished. 

Access to powerful firearms by criminals is a real problem; giving them a slap on the wrist so they can go man more street corners and mow down more competitors across the city is far from a solution. 

The issue happens when you also penalize America’s millions of law-abiding and responsible gun owners for the actions of murderous criminals in Democratic cities.

It’s time to focus very precisely on the problem: it’s not guns, it’s criminals.