Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Faces Thousands of Extreme Death Threats

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is wrapping up and a verdict is expected soon. However, it hasn’t been a smooth ride by any means.

Ever since last summer when Rittenhouse killed two people and injured a third in self-defense, he’s been the target of relentless liberal media slander.

They tried to call him a white supremacist, political extremist, and gun nut. Although, that’s not the end of it.

Kenosha Judge Bruce Schroeder (who’s in charge of Rittenhouse’s trial) has also been the subject of a lot of hate and lies.

Now, the full extent of the violence and hate Schroeder has received is being revealed. Get ready to see the real face of the left.

I’ll warn you: it’s not pretty.

Death Threats Pile Up Against Judge Schroeder

The death threats against Judge Schroeder are now being revealed and they are very serious. He’s been seen to be in favor of Rittenhouse or not sympathetic enough to the left for several reasons.

For one, Schroeder declared at the outset of the trial he wouldn’t allow victims Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz to be called “protesters.”

Instead, those who were in Kenosha causing trouble were to be referred to as rioters and looters, which is a correct description.

When Schroeder’s phone rang and the ringtone was “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood, the left went even more crazy, saying Schroeder was already in the tank for Rittenhouse.

Not only did they insult his credibility and professionalism; they encouraged the horrible, violent threats Schroeder and his family have been facing for weeks now.

Schroeder has gotten thousands of death threats, including many emails. These messages are calling him a white supremacist and saying he’s a KKK member who should resign.

Others say he and his children will be killed if he doesn’t find Rittenhouse guilty. They’re also saying Rittenhouse will be found and murdered if Schroeder tries to let him go.

Others say they hope Schroeders kids will be brutally murdered so he gets “paid back” for his racism and ignorance.

Schroeder Responds

Schroeder says he has gotten “thousands” of threats, angry emails and death threats. He said he will “deal” with these folks and is not treating it as a joke.

Schroeder is currently under police protection at all hours of the day and night as the trial winds down.

All those who threaten him are very stupid as they will soon be tracked down by police.

The Bottom Line

Members of the radical left are trying to scare Judge Bruce Schroeder into not doing his job. It’s easy to dismiss their threats as all talk, but all it takes is one violent leftist to cause real damage.

America needs to maintain law and justice. It can’t afford to let this kind of evil take over our judicial system and try to force verdicts.