Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Causing Numerous Reported Severe Negative Reactions

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According to Dr. Tony Fauci and the US medical establishment, vaccines were going to save us all.

Now it turns out that they won’t protect against the South African variant of COVID and that they cause all sorts of harmful side effects. 

The Astra Zeneca vaccine has been banned in numerous countries after causing blood clot deaths and other vaccines including Moderna are coming under scrutiny for their list of horrible side effects. 

The latest to make headlines, however, is Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine, which is being stopped in various locations because of severe reactions. 

Georgia has now become the third state to shut down a vaccination location after 8 people who got the J&J shot had bad reactions. North Carolina also had a number of people get bad reactions and 11 people in Colorado also had nausea, dizziness, fainting and more after getting their shots. 

What exactly is going on?

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‘This is a Really Potent Vaccine’

According to medical expert Dr. David Agus, the COVID vaccine from J&J is “really potent” and “what we’re seeing is some of that potency relating at a very rare side effect that we just have to be aware of.”

The three main US vaccines are made by Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. They have caused negative and unpleasant side affects in about 60,000 Americans so far, which amounts to around .1% of those who’ve received the vaccine. 

J&J is already having issues with supplying enough of the vaccine and is downsizing shipments by 86% in this coming week. 

Pfizer is also working to get its vaccine out to kids as young as 12, but with variants comprising a larger and larger amount of the cases there is reason to be skeptical about those who claim all the side effects and problems are worth it when the new variants might still get through and cause even worse versions of COVID in the end. 

What Happens Next?

As various sites and states stop administering the J&J vaccine, there is reason for concern. J&J has also been held back because 62 million of its doses may have been contaminated after a problem at its Baltimore production plant. 

In Europe, meanwhile, regulators said they are doing an investigation of the J&J COVID shot after they saw evidence of blood clots from its shots including one that led to death. 

Those who had bad reactions in Georgia, North Carolina and Colorado are all expected to make a full recovery. Seven were taken to hospital after their bad reactions and only one is still in hospital. 

J&J haven’t even made a vaccine before and they have a sketchy history of cancer-causing products. Meanwhile Pfizer and AstraZeneca have been fined for billions for their vaccines injuring people in the past, so it’s absolutely fair to ask what exactly is going on here. 

The assurances from the establishment medical community that everything is fine should not be taken at face value. Johnson & Johnson plans to have provided 100 million doses by the end of May, but with the unpredictable side effects being seen – even on such a rare basis – it’s necessary to ask a few hard questions.

For one thing, most of those who experience side effects don’t report them. For another thing, these short term side effects are not the only thing to worry about. What about the long-term side effects and health consequences?

These vaccines have not been tested for nearly long enough to know what sort of things they will lead to down the road. Why should we trust some new mRNA technology being put in our bloodstream by companies with a history of malpractice and dangerous vaccines?