Joe Biden Falls Asleep Standing Up

Ever since he announced his run for POTUS, Republicans and conservatives warned that Joe Biden wasn’t fit for office.

Physically, Biden has almost no energy. He looks like he’s about to collapse half the time, as he memorably did while climbing the stairs of Air Force One.

Mentally, he’s out to lunch. He forgets what he’s saying half the time, makes bizarre nonsense statements, and often snoozes to sleep during crucial times of national security.

Emotionally, he’s just not capable of the job and has gotten outrage from many for his disrespect to our troops.

This happened when Biden repeatedly checked his watch in the summer of 2021 while waiting for the bodies of our dead soldiers to return from Afghanistan to America.

This guy just keeps getting worse, and the latest example is just sad.

Biden’s Latest Bluff

Yesterday, Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, headed to an event aboard the USS Delaware warship. This was basically ceremonial, but he is the president and we are in a very tough time in the world right now.

This could have been a moment to rally hope in America and show respect for our military. Instead, Biden got himself confused with Michelle Obama and then fell asleep while standing during the ceremony.

Yes, seriously.

Would it be too much to ask that Biden have an extra cup of coffee or remember that he used to be VP under Obama, not Michelle?

White House Changes Transcript

The White House even went in after the speech and changed the transcript so instead of saying Michelle Obama was VP, it says he was VP. Talk about a cheap move.

Biden is losing his mind and we’re all paying the price for it. Just last weekend, he called for regime change in Russia, which gave a huge power boost to Vladimir Putin.

Putin has been claiming for years that the West and the US want to boot him from power. Now, Biden confirmed it for him, giving Putin more of a stranglehold over his own people and the Russian war machine.

At 79, Biden is clearly suffering from dementia. The White House’s own former on-call doctor, Congressman Ronny Jackson, has repeatedly said Biden should be taking a basic IQ test to check his mental competency.

He’s the president, not some administrative assistant. He needs to be at the top of his game, especially considering the challenges we now face.

Also, it’s not like Kamala Harris is any better, with her weeks of bizarre nonsense statements that sound like she’s high on drugs.

The Biden administration is a complete disaster, and it’s putting our country in danger.

It Gets Worse

While saluting during the ceremony, the video shows Biden appearing to fall asleep.

How is this guy in charge of our nation? It’s just not right.