Jim Justice Announces His Campaign Bid for Senator Manchin’s Seat

Current West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has been doing a great job ever since he was signed into office; now, he’s looking to extend his influence.

As it turns out, he’s going to formally announce his bid for Senator Manchin’s seat next week on Thursday at the Greenbrier in Sulpher Wings; although it’s best to leave the speculation out of the equation.

Senator Joe Manchin may finally be abandoning his post

The report from Politico also added that the governor was supported by the majority of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Even Senate Minority Mitch McConnell has kept in touch with him recently, alluding to the idea of Justice finally making his way over to the Senate.

On top of being in contact with the West Virginia Governor, McConnell has explicitly stated that he’s planning on showing his support for him during the senatorial elections.

At the time, Justice is expected to run against Rep. Alex Mooney in the primaries. This may end up being a tough battle seeing as Mooney’s already been endorsed by both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

In his endorsement of the representative, Cruz came forth to praise the man he said to be his friend, adding he’s strong enough of a candidate to defend our 2nd Amendment rights to the very end.

On top of this, he believes Mooney could bring additional jobs to the state of West Virginia, which brought a lot of the support over to his side, unsurprisingly.

Gov. Jim Justice has his work cut out for him

Even though West Virginia has been a red state for as long as most of us remember, Manchin managed to retain his position in the Senate for almost 13 years; he’s yet to announce whether he’ll be running for re-election.

In need of additional endorsement, Justice will be forced to broaden his horizons.

Justice will need all the help he can get; as symbolic as his victory would be for the state of West Virginia, symbolism doesn’t win votes, but results do.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.