JD Vance Destroys Democrat Opponent in Monday Debate

As the midterms approach, races are heating up across the country. Recent polls showing momentum for Democrats have gone back down and Republicans are surging once again.

Let’s take a look at Ohio, for example, where the crucial Senate race between JD Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan is unfolding.

A debate Monday night showed just how outclassed and outmaneuvered the Democrats truly are in this election cycle.

Ryan Gets Wrecked

Veteran and author JD Vance went up against Ryan on Monday evening in Cleveland. The two sparred over everything from the economy to abortion, with Vance emerging as the clear winner.

Both of these men are trying to fill the seat left by Senator Rob Portman, who is retiring his place in the Senate representing the Buckeye State.

In this debate, Ryan came out of the gate hard right from the get-go, accusing Vance of being a fake who started a scam non-profit group to make money.

Vance said that Ryan’s ineffective policies and lack of support for border security were leading to tragic cases, such as a small girl in Ohio who was raped and needed an abortion.

Vance said he would support abortion in such a case, but pointed out that Ryan’s reckless pro-illegal immigrant ideas led to the rape and America’s current lawless situation.

As Vance said, Ryan’s numerous terms in Congress as a representative have shown he’s nothing but a stuffed suit who votes consistently with the far left and the Biden agenda.

Ryan has tried to present himself as more of a blue-collar, down-home Democrat from the Rust Belt who’s against globalism and outsourcing jobs, but as Vance pointed out, his record speaks for itself.

Democrats Badly Want This Seat

The amount of money Democrats are putting into the Ohio Senate race shows how badly they want it.

Though with performances like this, the only thing Ryan will be getting is some claps on MSNBC. The guy is a totally vacant progressive stalking horse with nothing to offer. Vance exposed who Ryan is very clearly indeed.

Ryan did nothing but throw out empty accusations against Vance, which completely failed to land. He said that Vance is friends with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and others in the America First movement.

Are we supposed to be concerned Vance is close with America’s most popular governor and a stalwart of the conservative movement? If he can bring some of the kind of leadership to Ohio that DeSantis has brought to Florida, voters will be overjoyed.

Ryan had nothing but self-owns the whole night, where he fully exposed himself as a nonsense-talking Democrat with nothing to actually offer.

The Bottom Line

People like Tim Ryan want to put America last. Their day is done.