January 6 Witch Hunt Hits a Big Stumbling Block

The January 6 Select Committee wants to throw the full weight of the law against those who took part in the protests last year.

Though even more than that, they want to peg-top Trump administration officials and Trump himself for allegedly wanting an “insurrection” of the US government.

It’s unclear how unarmed protesters shouting in a government building would topple the US government, but that’s the argument.

If this is true, then surely very serious charges will be laid, but that’s now hitting a big and humiliating roadblock.

Truth Leaks

The truth about the committee and its tough talk leaked last week; the head of it, Congressman Bennie Thompson, said they wouldn’t be dropping criminal referrals to the DOJ.

Liz Cheney immediately panicked, tweeting out this wasn’t for sure and they still might. The rest of the committee mostly waited to see what was going on.

A further statement was put out to fake news CNN, saying a bunch of word salad which amounted to declaring maybe they would still pass criminal referrals on to DOJ.

Thompson was likely just trying to shut down the endless speculation and get this drama to start winding down. However, the true blue Democrat believers are furious about the idea they still will fail to hit Trump or his top staff with real charges.

The thing that makes this even more bizarre is giving a criminal referral to DOJ is still just basically an opinion. It holds no actual convective power.

It’s still just about powering the far-left media machine and hyping up this whole January 6 storyline.

A Series of Failures

Congressman Adam Schiff recently went on fake news CNN to claim they will be having enough to go after Trump. He also lied during his Russia hoax delusions about having proof of Trump’s collusion.

Why should we believe him now?

The DOJ already declined to get into this as a criminal matter, leaving alone Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows and other top advisors, such as social media coordinator Dan Scavino.

The only one who’s getting some trouble at this point is Peter Navarro, who headed up Trump’s attempts to make an America First trade policy.

DOJ can do what it wants, but this committee is just a show trial designed to generate fake headlines. Even if they make a referral on Trump, it is likely to go nowhere.

This is another in a series of failures to take Trump down, including the two failed impeachments against him.

The Bottom Line

If the DOJ wants to go after Trump, they will. If the Southern District of NY (SDNY) has enough to get Trump, they will.

This committee is a fake kangaroo court with nothing to offer, but media hype and a fashion show for Liz Cheney to sputter grand statements about democracy.