January 6 Saga Rages On and Republicans Strike Back

Top Republicans said they want to counter the “partisan spectacle” that will be Thursday’s Democrat-led session on the Capitol riot’s conclusions.

House GOP chairwoman Elise Stefanik and other conservatives criticized Democrats for concentrating on the Capitol, amid needed solutions to “the troubles we face daily” throughout a media briefing on Tuesday evening.

Democrats Missing the Point

“Democrats have no strategy for Americans and no meaningful solutions to the difficulties we confront every day,” Stefanik stated.

“Instead, Democrats are trying to change the narrative, hoping the nation’s attention would be drawn to the partisan witch hunt on display this week, rather than our wallets.”

“It’s a political production,” Jim Jordan remarked after the conversation in a telephone conversation with The Daily Wire.

As per Axios, the Ohio Republican cited rumors the committee recruited James Goldston, the past president of ABC News, to sell its conclusions as a “blockbuster investigation special.”

Jordan explained, “They ran out and recruited the former head of ABC News to choreograph a documentary. Of course, their first eyewitness is a documentary filmmaker.”

He went on to say, “It simply underscores how political this issue is.”

“They informed us of the objective. Its goal is to abolish the Electoral College and prevent President Trump from standing for office again. They’re completely focused on it. It is a further weaponization of state against conservatism and political rivals.”

Republicans aim to fight such programs by making media appearances focusing on issues Americans are truly concerned about, according to leaders during a press conference on Tuesday.

Fox News indicated it will screen Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s evening shows, instead of the hearings; the hearings will be broadcast on Fox Business.

On Tuesday, Banks stated, “Such an amateur attempt on their part to try and compete with Tucker Carlson.”

“It’s likely that his program will be the most viewed he’s ever had.”

“The rest of the channels will be watching and following suit. When Fox’s audience hits new highs, they’re not going to keep airing these ludicrous committee hearings in the night.”

The Heat is Coming

Conservatives are putting the closing touches on their study, according to Banks, and have questioned scores of people, including Capitol security informants.

He stated, “We have some solid discoveries.”

Banks outlined a number of questions he would have liked to ask people under investigation by the Democrat-led panel on January 6.

The committee’s few Republicans — Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, as well as Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger — have not asked any of them.

“They would not want to hear the responses because they reveal a lot of information about what transpired at the Capitol that day and what might have been done to avert the disturbance,” Banks cautioned.

Jordan’s main worry is that conservatives will be unable to cross-examine witnesses.

He stated, “This is absolutely one-sided.” Jordan termed former President Trump’s impeachment proceedings “awful and absolutely unjust,” saying it was primarily conducted in secret.