January 6 Footage Had Audio Added In

In a fresh scoop, Just The News founder John Solomon was seen on Human Events with Jack Posobiec.

He was there to talk about revelations regarding dubious actions taken by US government officials during the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. It now appears as though the Jan. 6 House committee purportedly altered recordings which came out later that fateful day.

Americans Lied To

Solomon said everything on the day was scripted, adding that after viewing the surveillance tape, he found a great deal of the images he already saw lacked obvious sound.

He recalled querying a group of “experts” regarding the audio content of the security recordings, just to be confronted with an answer stating there hadn’t been any, to begin with.

Yet, there had been sound when he reviewed the tapes.

Solomon made his shocking claim:

“Guess what, though? It was a hoax. In essence, the January 6 committee fabricated the tapes by dubbing in the sound. By inserting audio that did not exist on the cassettes, they deceived the American public.”

On Friday, Solomon released the raw video for the first time.

The uncut video was absolutely silent with no sounds whatsoever inserted by the committee’s production crew. Surveillance cameras are incapable of recording audio.

That material was tossed in there to give it an intense, movie-like impact, according to Solomon. It is no longer considered evidence.

It has now evolved into a small amount of propaganda.

The Capitol Police barricades in the entrance to the Capitol were first breached. Then, the committee altered the sound on an aerial shot describing the incident.

The video was changed to incorporate the ominous sounds of a boisterous, enraged throng, just like the surveillance footage from within the building.

Audio Added In

The most recent video clip that was made public shows part of the work that former ABC News producer James Goldston did.

The committee employed Goldston to enliven the video for its primetime proceedings.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.