J6 Political Prisoners May Be Avenged Through GOP Move

The imprisoned J6 protesters may at least get avenged. A Republican lawmaker moved to bring about the impeachment of a US attorney who prosecuted many of those present at the 2021 US Capitol breach.

JV Political Prisoners: America’s Sheer Disgrace

The fate of the J6 protesters – many of whom were handed hefty prison terms on highly contentious charges – has been a tremendous embarrassment for free speech and the rule of law in the United States.

Many of the sympathizers of Trump have been kept in jail without due process of law, before receiving unjustifiable punishments. Former President Trump made it clear he would pardon the persecuted political prisoners when he enters the White House.

Yet, the patriotic Americans who have become J6 victims may also see justice in another way. Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia revealed she would initiate articles of impeachment to hold accountable Matthew Graves, a US Attorney for Washington, DC.

Greeves has been a lead prosecutor in numerous J6 cases, The Post Millennial reports. In a statement last week, Greene, also known as MTG, declared the time had come to put an end to the “weaponization” of the federal government’s Justice Department.

She emphasized Greaves wouldn’t seek justice for actual criminals wreaking havoc in the nation’s capital on a daily basis, but would only go after Trump’s supporters in a sickening case of political persecution.

Woke Prosecutor Ruining American Patriots’ Lives?

The report notes over 1,000 defendants have been or are yet to be tried over the J6 events at the Capitol in DC. MTG stressed that as a US attorney, Graves had been “maliciously prosecuting” over 1,000 American protesters from J6.

She pointed out how Graves recently said he would make sure “at least” another thousand American patriots would be charged. Meanwhile, the woke prosecutor is refusing to pursue charges against 67% of the suspected criminals who were arrested in his jurisdiction last year.

Greene noted the outrageous case of Matthew Perna, a J6 protester who walked into the Capitol, using an open door, and didn’t harm anybody.

However, he was pressed by the FBI and agreed to plead guilty to any charges against him. Subsequently, Perna committed suicide at the age of 37.