Italy’s Upcoming Election Has Big Surprises In Store

Italy is not a country that Americans think of very much, unless it’s about the delicious food and wine or an episode of the Sopranos. Though the country has had some hard years in the recent past.

It’s not only been dragged through the mud by a series of center-left politicians, but it’s also had its borders opened up to a flood of people from all over who worsened its already struggling economy.

Then, of course, there was COVID, which supposedly had its first big western outbreak in Italy and hammered what was left of its economy and spirit into the ground.

Well, Italy has an election coming up on September 25; the latest polls show its people are about to hand the political establishment a big surprise.

Return of the Right

At this time, Italy’s right is surging. Elections are only two weeks away and the Brothers of Italy conservative alliance (Fratelli d’Italia) is predicted to win massively.

The coalition is headed up by Giorgia Meloni and is over 20 points up on the Italy Democrat party.

It is ready for a win on Sept. 25, according to the last public polls ahead of a blackout duration. The bloc has an advantage of almost 20 percentage points on the center-left coalition led by establishment lackey and former prime minister Enrico Letta.

At this point, Brothers of Italy looks like it could even seize enough power to make alterations to the Constitution of Italy through a 67% majority in the two government bodies.

Meloni is a newcomer to governing, but she does have years of political experience on the Italian right.

Is Meloni a ‘Fascist’?

The left and centrists accused Meloni of being a “fascist,” but failed to point to how exactly she is a fascist, apart from her support for an Italy that protects families, borders, and religious faith.

If this is “fascist,” then every person with any common sense is a fascist.

The left also points to Meloni sharing a video of a Ukrainian woman being raped in Italy by a migrant as evidence she’s a racist fascist.

Excuse me, shouldn’t we be just a little more worried about the rape shown in the video and the crime wave it represents in Italy among African and Middle Eastern migrants?

Furthermore, the left accuses Meloni of fascism for opposing kids’ cartoons spreading LGBT messaging and having lesbian characters on Peppa the Pig. Doesn’t she have more important things to do, they argue?

Stopping kids from being indoctrinated into a transhumanist, globalist LGBT agenda is actually very important, but thanks for your concern about professionalism, leftists.

The centrist Forza Italia and the League led by Matteo Salvini have both been cratering thanks to Forza’s lack of answers to economic issues and Salvini’s pro-Russian toadyism.

The Bottom Line

Over 40% of Italians say they don’t know who they’ll vote for yet; so this election could still swing back to the center or even the left.

Though with polls now shut down for two weeks ahead of the elections, so as not to influence the vote, it looks like Giorgia Meloni will be the next leader of Italy.