Biden Knew Afghanistan Would Collapse Months Before He Pulled Out

Joe Biden has a lot of defenders; for one thing, he has the vast majority of the mainstream media on his side. He’s also got legions of middle-of-the-road voters and people who just don’t care much about politics.

Biden looks like a movie president and comes from the world of the old Democrat Party with labor unions and appreciation for families, right? How bad could he be?

Well, it turns out he could be America’s worst nightmare; at this point, we need to pray we’ll all wake up alive.

Let’s take a look at the latest example of Biden’s horrible failure in office, which has just been exposed.

Shocking Revelation on Biden’s Afghanistan Pullout

Last summer, Biden was focused on getting our troops out of Afghanistan as President Trump promised.

Under his leadership, Trump put in place a number of measures to make sure the Taliban didn’t take back over the country and ensure the US had a backup option to hit them hard if they tried anything.

Yet, under Biden, the only goal was getting out. The result was a disaster, with the government falling in several days. Meanwhile, the Afghan military collapsed as the Taliban rapidly swept back into power.

It also led to thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines, with a horrible, delayed process in getting them out. In fact, at one point, the Taliban literally had a list of Americans; they were coordinating on who was allowed out, together with the Biden regime.

Then, we lost our 13 brave troops in the ISIS-K attack on the Kabul airport.

Well, it turns out Biden was specifically warned not to pull out like he did at the beginning of 2021. He was directly told by the Department of Defense that the Afghan military was not in good condition and would collapse without US support.

Biden Knew It Wasn’t OK To Leave, but He Did Anyway

Biden was told straight up that the Afghan Air Force was completely lost without US assistance in refueling and logistics. They needed our help.

Without the Air Force support, the Taliban were able to quickly ride in and blast any remaining resistance in the march to Kabul. Even a basic military strategist or commander in chief would be smart enough to realize a collapsed Air Force would lead to a collapsed country.

Nevertheless, Biden still went ahead and pulled out anyway. Let’s be clear: there are only two options regarding Biden’s actions, months after he’d been clearly warned by the DoD.

One, he is so clueless and scatterbrained that he forgot he’d been warned this wasn’t the time to leave Afghanistan because the air force would collapse.

Two, Biden is so arrogant and treasonous that he pulled out of a warzone and left Americans and allies to die in order to try to score a political point with the media.

I’ll let you decide which is worse because they’re both extremely disturbing!