Numerous Afghan ‘Refugees’ Now Charged for Raping Women

When Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and left our troops to guard the Kabul airport, we all cringed. It was a horrible failure that left our people and our troops in danger. It also abandoned many of the Afghans who’d helped us.

Nonetheless, in the coming weeks, the Biden regime worked to get people out, especially Afghans. It started to seem like they cared less about Americans than they did about the refugee status of various foreigners.

Unfortunately, the allowance of “refugees” into America is having some unintended consequences; several rape charges have now emerged for Afghans in America.

What Happened?

First of all, last month, two Afghans got charged with domestic violence and having sex with a child. It didn’t surprise those of us who’ve been watching the situation and are aware of the poor standards of the Biden regime.

Sleepy Joe doesn’t even know who got on those planes, much less whether they’re rapists. With all the illegal immigrants pouring in over our southern border, it’s obvious Biden doesn’t care either.

In any case, after last month’s charges, we now have another horrific report of rape involving an Afghani “refugee” called Zabihullah Mohmand, 19.

According to the charges, an unnamed 18-year-old girl was out with friends having a few drinks in Missoula, Montana (including with Mohmand and several other young guys who knew her friend circle). He invited her to leave with him to a party, but there was no party; there was just he and his friend’s hotel.

The girl was uncomfortable and said she’d go, but not if there was sex involved. They ended up asleep, according to reports, that is until she woke up to find Mohmand straddling her and choking her while he forced her to have sex with him.

Mohmand Denies the Charges

The unnamed young woman managed to escape when Mohmand wasn’t looking. He got upset, however, and came after her, then spamming her with many phone calls. According to Mohmand, they did sleep together but it was by her consent and not rape.

In fact, Mohmand said the young woman was the one who made the move. He said she was very drunk and wouldn’t take no for an answer; so if we’re supposed to believe him, it was basically her initiating the assault.

Under Montana law, however, being extremely drunk can mean you can’t legally agree to sexual relations. Mohmand is an Afghani refugee who came to the country under Biden’s federal project to settle refugees. Whatever did happen, this is 100% on Biden and the feds to check that this guy is legit.

The Sad State of America Today

It’s a sad state of America today that we have a senile old traitor in office who lets alleged rapists run free over our country and won’t protect the border. Biden puts America last in every case and can’t be trusted in any way.