Israel Dealing With Wave of Terror Attacks

Israel’s armed forces are on high alert after a number of terror attacks in the past few days. In just the last week, 11 Israeli citizens have been murdered by gun-wielding terrorists linked to ISIS.

Israeli leader Naftali Bennett says this “wave” of attacks will be brought to an end. Meanwhile, high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander Aviv Kohavi says soldiers are deploying to every corner of the country to stop the assaults.

This includes special squads of snipers, elite commandos, and undercover agents trying to dig up and stop plots before they happen.

Here’s what’s happened so far and how the terrorists have struck inside Israel.

A Wave of Terror

One terrorist was an ISIS-linked man named Dia Hamarsha.

He attacked Jewish Israelis in the city of Bnei Brak with an M-16, mowing down four innocent people. He just shot at people on the sidewalk and then shot a man in his vehicle.

Those he killed included local man Yaakov Shalom, teacher Avishai Yehezkeli, and Ukrainian immigrants Viktor Sorokopot and Dimitri Mitrik.

The Ukrainians were just trying to shop for food at a grocery store and were about to go inside when the terrorist brutally shot them down.

Israeli cops arrived as rapidly as possible and took Hamarsha down. However, he shot back and managed to hit Israeli police officer Amir Khouri, who died soon after in the hospital. Hamarsha was later killed.

Only several days before the Bnei Brak massacre, a team of two terrorists went to the Israeli town of Hadera and mowed down two Israeli border police.

The week before, a Bedouin terrorist ran people over in his car and stabbed four civilians to death.

Israel’s security forces have already been arresting a number of people in the West Bank and are preparing to knock down the house of the terrorist Hamarsha who attacked in Bnei Brak.

This is part of Israel’s policy of destroying the family homes of anyone who attacks their country’s citizens.

Bennett Blasts Terrorists

Speaking out about the attacks, Bennett said they are linked to ISIS and this new “wave” of terror attacks is launched by people with a deep hate of Jews.

These attackers want to do anything possible to stop Israel from “living in peace,” Bennett said.

He added his nation’s security forces are facing a “challenge” because of these asymmetric attacks, but are becoming “creative” and will respond and “prevail.”

Bennet also added Israel’s authorities are the most talented in the world at stopping terror; they are working to find even lone wolves who may be preparing attacks.

He vowed terrorists “will not break us” and reminded Israelis they have been attacked from the very beginning of the country’s history and successfully defended themselves.