Is There a Way to Force Biden to Enforce Our Immigration Laws?

Joe Biden’s negligence on our southern border has been a treasonous crime. There is no reason that federal law should not be getting enforced.

What’s worse is that Biden immediately stopped the border wall construction that had been going on under President Trump and undid the progress that was being made.

Now, we see a situation out of a horror movie: thousands of illegal aliens a day, massive drug and human trafficking, and overwhelmed resources.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot and others are trying their best to respond, but this requires a much bigger federal response.

This brings up the question: is there a legal way to force Biden to enforce our border laws?

Looking at the Law

Seeking asylum at the US border is allowed under US law. Though releasing immigrants without a court date into the country is not.

In addition, Title 42, which allowed asylum seekers to be sent home before their hearing was processed, is now expired, which means we are likely to see a huge rise in illegals.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) head Alejandro Mayorkas has drawn a lot of criticism for saying resources including nurses and money could be taken from our Veterans Administration and sent down south.

According to Mayorkas, “white supremacy” is the main threat facing America, so his priorities are elsewhere.

The only two categories he’s put as high priority when it comes to illegal immigration are stopping spies, terrorists, and those with a criminal record.

We saw several weeks ago how 22-year-old Texas National Guard Sergeant Bishop E. Evans drowned while trying to save men who later turned out to be drug traffickers.

The ugly truth is that as of April 3 and a memo from ICE’s top lawyer Kerry Doyle, the Biden Administration basically decided to stop enforcing immigration law in legal terms.

Doyle’s Dangerous Ideology

Doyle is a former immigration lawyer and open borders activist who heads up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the legal side.

She is the left’s way of undermining ICE from the inside and stripping it of the power to actually enforce the law.

This woman has said cases that aren’t a top priority should be waived “without prejudice.” What this means is to let 700,000 illegal immigrants off the hook and stay in the country.

It’s amnesty right under the nose of the American people, including all sorts of criminals and horrible people who simply aren’t considered “high level” enough to warrant more federal attention for a hearing.

The Bottom Line

The law is being twisted by Biden to fit his open borders agenda.

The best way to force him to actually enforce and listen to our nation’s laws is to sweep control of Congress away from the left in the upcoming midterms and force the Democrats to start respecting our borders for real.