Is Russia About to Go Nuclear?

Russia’s war in Ukraine has been going on now for over a month.

Vladimir Putin’s troops have failed to seize any major cities, except Kherson. The advance on Odessa and Kiev is stalled; other cities like Mykholaiv and Mariupol still remain beyond Russia’s grasp.

Some estimates put Russia’s troop losses at over 17,000; although Moscow’s official numbers are much lower.

There’s also clear evidence that Russia has lost an enormous amount of military equipment, such as tanks and trucks.

It’s all adding up and Putin is panicking. Now, new evidence from a top expert suggests Russia may be just about to go nuclear.

Russia About to Go Nuclear?

Christo Grozev is one of the top Russia experts in the world. He’s an award-winning investigative reporter who knows more about Russia and Putin than almost anyone.

Grozev is now issuing a red alert warning because of certain disturbing signs that Putin and his inner circle may be preparing for a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

The first fact is nobody actually knows 100% where Putin is. The best estimate, according to Grozev, is he’s located near a town of Surgut in the west of Siberia.

This analysis is based on the flight paths of top Kremlin brass over the past month. Putin has a secret bunker and has been reportedly directing a lot of the war from there, apart from brief stops at the Kremlin in Moscow.

As for Putin’s top military commander Sergei Shoigu, Grozev claims he is in the Ural mountains far away from Moscow as well, hiding out in a bunker.

A photo surfaced of Grozev and his daughter in the Ural mountains near Ufa earlier this month before she made her social media account private when people started speculating.

Surgut is further northeast in Siberia and is about a three hour plane ride from Surgut. Now, speculation is that Putin and Soigu are hiding out in the Ufa bunkers, which are built to withstand a nuclear blast zone.

The Warning Signs Are Present

Putin and Shoigu may be preparing for a nuclear strike, and thus are hiding out in nuclear-proof bunkers designed for this move.

Grozev said he is absolutely sure Shoigu is in a bunker and has been going there on a regular basis. The question is why exactly he’s doing that.

Putin’s top representative, Dmitry Peskov, already put out a statement saying Russia is prepared to go nuclear as a last resort. According to Peskov, NATO and the United States have been working for decades to destroy and undermine Russia.

Getting the top military brass secured and out of any potential blast zone in order to maintain command and control during the use of tactical nukes would be a logical step.

According to Grozev, it looks like Surgut is the second even more top-tier bunker where Putin spends a lot of his time and Ufa is the primary military bunker.