Is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Headed to Jail?

Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic Senator Gretchen Whitmer Join Forces in Opposing Proposal 5 During Press Conference by Michigan Municipal League (MML) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been caught breaking her own strict lockdown rules twice now, but this time it could be catching up to her.

Only one week after tightening the rules for COVID, Whitmer was seen out and about drinking with a group of friends and colleagues at a restaurant.

Her updated law says that you can’t gather at any restaurant indoors, unless you have more than six feet between you and everyone else; there can also be no more than six people.

She had at least a dozen. 

Now, Whitmer’s issues could be getting a lot worse than just being accused of hypocrisy and ruining her already terrible reputation. 

Pathways to politics, Women in elected office by University of Michigan’s Ford School is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Whitmer’s Excuse? ‘I am Human’

Whitmer’s laughable excuse for being busted on her latest hypocrisy is that she’s “human.” The Michigan governor then said she went to the restaurant with friends and more people started coming so they pushed the tables together. 

Does social distancing not apply when tables get pushed together or something?

Whitmer says that because they all have the COVID vaccine “we didn’t stop to think about it.”

She then apologized. How touching. Just like she did a few weeks ago when she broke her rules and flew off to Florida.

I’m sure we’re all just waiting for strike three at this point, because this idiot can’t go two steps without tripping over her own shoelaces. 

Whitmer may not get a strike three, however. 

The reason is a pizza shop owner called Marlena Pavlos-Hackney. 

Going to Jail for Selling Pizza?

Pavlos-Hackney is a 55-year-old woman who originally comes from Poland. She ran away from the formerly communist country in 1983 to come have freedom in America. Pavlos-Hackney runs a pizza shop in Holland, Michigan about half an hour drive southwest of Grand Rapids. 

She didn’t listen to Whitmer’s crazy COVID restrictions because she believes in the Constitution and put a sign on the window saying, “We Are a Constitutionally Compliant Business.” 

In return she got fined $15,000 and put in jail for four days in March.

Now Pavlos-Hackney wants to see Whitmer behind bars. 

“I think she should face the same penalties,” Pavlos-Hackney said. 

So far Whitmer only has an ethics complaint, but you never know – this could escalate into making her face the kind of pain and suffering she put other Michiganders through. 

The Democrat habit of treating normal people like communist peasants and having zero respect for what they go through in their businesses and lives has consequences. One of the consequences is that sometimes, just maybe, your own hypocrisy catches up with you.

Who else wants to see Whitmer hit with a massive fine and given a few nights in jail?