Is It Time for a National Divorce?

A new poll shows that 52% of Trump supporters want red states to separate from the United States. Even more surprising is the same poll shows 41% of Biden voters want the same thing to happen.

Republicans and Democrats also both support giving the president more executive power and bypassing the gridlock of Congress; meanwhile, a stunning 75% believe voters for the opposing party are a direct “danger” to our way of life.

How close are we to separating more or less along the lines of the 2016 presidential vote? Closer than many people realize…

Time to Go Our Separate Ways?

When Joe Biden came into his occupation of the White House, he claimed he would bring the country together. From the first millisecond he took power, he has done the exact opposite.

He’s hammered on every single issue that could divide us and brutally persecuted conservatives who don’t agree with him. Like his fellow liberal Democrats, all Joe Biden means when he says “bipartisanship” is getting a few RINOs who agree with him (like Liz Cheney) and then claiming he’s brought the country together.

It’s a sick joke and the American people have had enough of it. It’s looking more and more like we’re ready for a national divorce. Is there still hope to keep things together?

We All Know What Happened Last Time…

The last time states seceded, it led directly to the US Civil War. That was over 150 years ago and it was a massive disaster. So many lives were lost on both sides; the conflict did nothing to solve the issue of racism, as some in the North claimed it would.

Instead, racism was just institutionalized and moved into more low-paying jobs for people of color. What did happen from the Civil War is the Supreme Court took it as a precedent for the idea the US is “indivisible” and can never be divided, as the Pledge of Allegiance says.

It’s Just a Poll, Right?

Yes, it’s just a poll, but it’s still important to take it seriously. Over 56% of Biden supporters said Republicans are fascists and 76% of Trump supporters said Democrats are socialists. These are strong terms and they represent real divisions between different parts of our country.

Add in the whole vaxxed vs. unvaxxed drama (which doesn’t split along party lines, but is more related to populism vs. establishment) and you have another huge nightmare.

America is in rough shape. Liberals will tell you it’s because of President Trump and the rise of the populist right. They’ll tell you the “hate” from the right is what’s tearing our country apart.

Take that and flip it completely around and you have the truth. Leftists are tearing this country apart; they need to stop now and take this seriously before it’s too late.