Is Biden About to Be Impeached?

Joe Biden’s list of failures in office is almost as long as his list of racist statements. From rapidly increasing inflation to global world war on the horizon, those who voted for Biden are paying a very high price.

A new poll from the University of Massachusetts shows Biden’s treasonous and poor leadership is not going unnoticed by Americans. This is especially true for conservatives, who aren’t anywhere near ready to make nice.

Here’s what the poll said…

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Two-Thirds of Republicans Want Biden Impeached

According to the University of Massachusetts poll, 68% of Republican voters want to see Biden impeached if the GOP takes over Congress in the coming midterms.

We all saw the Democrats stage two impeachment trials to try to humiliate and falsely accuse President Trump. Why can’t we have one of our own?

Even better, this time it would be for very real reasons, not an imaginary Russiagate hoax cooked up by Hillary Clinton in her witch’s coven.

This poll was done by University of Massachusetts, together with YouGov, both of which are reliable pollsters. It was done with 1,000 random survey respondents.

In terms of what issues will be the most important to voters when making their upcoming decisions, the economy led the pack by far at 37% overall, while immigration and healthcare were tied for second place.

Hidin’ Biden’s Crimes

The liberal media has done its best to hide Biden’s wrongdoing, corruption, and incompetence, but it’s becoming clearer by the day.

The man hasn’t even done an interview with the media since February 10 when he got angry in an interview with Lester Holt after being asked a tough question.

Republicans answering this poll said they want him charged with treason, as well as more “high crimes,” which fits the bill for an impeachment.

The professor who led the poll, Tatishe Nteta, said he believes the poll shows a lot about how impeachment is viewed differently these days.

According to Nteta, this shows how impeachment has become more of a “partisan weapon” than something to be used only as a last resort for an out-of-control traitor or madman.

He’s half right. The Democrats clearly switched to using impeachment as a political weapon to try to destroy Trump and the America First movement.

However, this poll only shows a reasonable reaction to a president who has opened our borders, sabotaged our economy, and shamed our nation’s honor in every way possible.

The Bottom Line

An important thing to realize here is another part of this poll shows only 53% of Republicans believe Biden actually will be impeached, even in a GOP-run Congress.

Conservatives know their own party doesn’t necessarily share their priorities, pointing to a growing gap between the GOP base and leadership.