Insidious Perks of Canada’s Euthanasia Program

Canada is unique and Canadians are proud. Canada now has a dubious distinction and the most government-assisted suicide organ transplants.

Medical assistance in dying (MAID) was legalized in Canada in 2016. Legalized suicide is bad enough, but MAID is a federal agency that helps Canadians commit suicide.

They offer medications and directions and Canadians supply lives.

Recipe For Disaster

The initiative was initially intended for terminally ill patients. The blood of those patients has converted that worrying trend into a slippery tumble.

Now, anybody who alleges mental disorder or mental anguish can qualify for MAID in the Great White North. A disabled vet appealed to her veteran affairs office that she had been waiting for a stairlift for her house for years.

She wanted to climb her stairs painlessly. The authorities offered to euthanize her.

The organ market’s growth after MAID passed is creepier. CTV excitedly covered the first-of-its-kind story of the nations that have legalized assisted suicide in the previous decade.

In Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, 286 assisted-death recipients have donated vital organs to 837 people by 2021, according to the report.

Per the outlet, Canadian doctors conducted over half of the world’s organ donations after medical assistance in dying (MAID) was legalized in 2016.

Arthur Schafer, head of the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, told CTV News that he was happy with Canada’s MAID patient organ donation rate.

Schafer says the increase in organs gives dying people a chance to do something meaningful. Naturally, Canadian medical and government officials say MAID would never force patients to donate organs.

The Canadian government likewise dismissed the idea of MAID expanding beyond terminally sick patients. Nonetheless, the authorities will deliver a suicide kit to a depressed person who asks for it.

Fresh Organs

When you factor in the financial and medical perks of the country having access to an increasing supply of healthy human transplantable organs, you have a recipe for a frightening dystopian nightmare.

See one in which the state actively promotes the suicide of its unwanted citizens in the name of the “greater good.”

Canada’s national healthcare system is strained to its limits.

Individuals with the most severe illnesses incur the highest costs. Visualize what happens when “burdens” like the Canadian veteran who dared to ask for a chair lift are eliminated.

At the same time, a continuous supply of healthy organs is made available to the healthiest patients. No amount of reassuring words from the present generation of politicians and physicians can make this situation better. Things are headed downhill fast.

To extract organs while the person is still alive, the northern nation now requires government officials to come immediately to a person’s home to witness the intake of the “medicine” and then promptly move that person to a hospital.

The MAID patient takes their medicine at home before being taken by ambulance to a local hospital for the remainder of the surgery and organ donation.

Dr. Shemie presented a situation in Ontario, noting the patient’s condition improved significantly with the assistance of fire department paramedics.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.