Inside Putin’s Massive $900 Million Yacht

Vladimir Putin’s personal yacht was recently identified in Italy.

The $900M USD super yacht, the Scheherazade, is currently under discussion about what to do with, in terms of the law. Many want it seized, just as the yachts of other oligarchs have been.

What’s clear is denials by officials and staff that this belonged to Putin were false. A look around the inside of the yacht has revealed clear signs that this is Putin’s yacht, and the immense luxury inside is revolting.

Everything from solid gold toilet paper dispensers to endless gold leaf and high-quality marble countertops are the standard inside the yacht of the corrupt Russian leader.

As young, drafted teenaged Russian soldiers get mowed down in the snow in Ukraine for Putin’s failed invasion, the leader enjoys a life of luxury that even most rich people can only dream of.

Welcome Aboard the Scheherazade

The Scheherazade looks like where a villain would spend his time in a James Bond film.

It even has a dance floor which rolls away and becomes a luxury pool, grand pianos and large decks, exquisite watch and jewelry collections, and everything else you can imagine.

Photos from inside the boat show a level of luxury that even most wealthy people could never dream of.

It’s an entirely different world of wealth, much of it looted from black market enterprises and corruption that Putin has engaged in.

Putin started his own career after the KGB by stealing millions of dollars when he worked in the office of the St. Petersburg mayor.

He sold off Russian resources in return for German meat and raw materials, and then trainloads of them never showed up.

The money obviously went into Putin’s pocket, starting his path to becoming one of the world’s richest individuals, worth an estimated $20 billion.

A Stunning, Six-Deck Superyacht

The Scheherazade is stunning, even in the world of luxury yachts, with six decks and almost every available surface covered in gold.

There are swimming pools everywhere; the yacht is 759-feet long, with multiple ballrooms, gyms to work out in, several helicopter landing pads, and a theater and spa.

There is also an onboard emergency medical hospital to make sure Putin and his friends get the world’s best medical treatment when they need it.

Meanwhile, most Russians live on an average of $8,000 USD per year. They are having food shortages, while Ukrainians are being bombed in maternity hospitals and apartment buildings in Mariupol.

The Scheherazade’s Current Status

As of now, this beautiful yacht is anchored in Marina di Carrara, on the western coast of Italy, near the town of Massa.

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who was recently jailed for nine years for standing up to Putin, exposed the crew of the ship recently, noting how they are Putin’s own security thugs.

European crew run the ship when Putin is not away. The question remains: why hasn’t the yacht been seized yet, and when will it be?