Inflation is Costing You Much More Than You Think

Inflation is one of those things that sneaks up on you. At first, you notice a few cents here and there, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Then, over a few months, you notice you’re getting tighter on money and feeling the sting a little bit.

Looking back on a year, you begin getting a real headache when you go over your bills and realize a big chunk of your money simply disappeared into thin air, compared to the year before. That’s exactly what’s happening in Biden’s America.

High Prices, Low Wages

It’s a tale as old as time: high prices, low wages. The difference this time is you throw in a government and media-created pandemic with shutdowns and wrecked businesses, plus a horrific vaccine mandate in some states.

That’s a recipe that adds up to people with severely cut hours, lost jobs, failing businesses, and stressful, divisive times. In the middle of all that, you have a supply chain collapse and shipping containers backed up at our ports.

The cost of everything is getting outrageous and it’s taken until now to really notice just how high some prices are.

Even those who’ve managed to keep their jobs, complied with vaccine/mask rules, and jumped through all Biden’s hoops are now getting hit by something far more basic: high prices at the pump, at the grocery store, and everywhere else.

How Much Has Inflation Gone Up?

Inflation went up 5.3% in August 2021 compared to August 2020. People are reporting spending an average of $50 or so more per week on groceries for their family; they’re especially noting the sting on meat and similar products.

Many restaurants are failing because of the vaccine mandate, but it’s also because people don’t have as much money to spend on things that aren’t necessities. The price of food from the supermarket is already more than high enough without throwing in tips and markups at the restaurant.

Inflation is the inevitable result of a decreased supply and huge spending from the Biden regime. The result is a downward economic cycle that’s eventually going to catch up with us and crash this economy.

We can’t say nobody warned us. President Trump repeatedly sounded the alarm and said Biden would be a complete disaster for the United States.


The inflation we’re experiencing is equivalent to a 5.4% pay cut for each American. Families are struggling; gas, rent, and food are taking a huge chunk out of the ability of working people to provide even the basics.

This is the highest inflation has been in three decades. People are spiraling into debt and anxious about future uncertainty. This country is on the edge of something truly menacing and dark. This is no drill; this is a real economic disaster on the horizon.