Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Kills Texas Mom and Her Daughter

This weekend, there was a tragedy in Mission, Texas. The suburb of McAllen is located right on the Mexico border and is in a dangerous area.

As we continue with a border crisis that threatens our whole country, very awful people are spilling across the border, along with the migrants who just want a better life.

Some of the very worst people are the human traffickers who bring illegal immigrants over the border, and on Saturday, one of them killed two Americans in Mission.

Here’s What Happened

A human trafficker carrying six illegals in his car was identified by police. They started driving after him, which is when he began weaving recklessly around the road.

The trafficker ignored a stop sign and hit a vehicle which contained a woman and her daughter. They died. The smuggler was arrested and is being charged with human trafficking and running from the police.

The illegals in his car were shaken up and one crashed through the front of the vehicle, but all survived. The 59-year-old mother and her 22-year-old daughter were both from Mission and passed. Their names haven’t yet been released.

Will There be Any Consequences?

At this point, the case is still unfolding. The authorities say there might be charges laid against the trafficker, but that is still pending. What’s clear is the situation on our southern border is a humanitarian nightmare.

The horrible irony is we have the Democrats and Joe Biden croaking on about how they care about people and want to help everyone. Meanwhile, their open border policies and rhetoric are enabling the worst people on the planet and now Americans are dead.

It’s clear Biden and company don’t put America first and aren’t overly concerned about Americans dying, but the rest of us are! We want this situation fixed now and we want the reckless, pro-illegal rhetoric to stop immediately.

The Left is Betraying Our Nation

Biden is grappling with scraps of what President Trump did to keep our border secure. For one thing, he’s put the Remain in Mexico laws back in place. This requires illegals to wait in Mexico while they find out about the status of their asylum applications.

Despite the pro-illegal head of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas striking Remain in Mexico down in October, Biden is bringing it back. Still, the wounds are now too deep to paper over and the betrayal of this country by the left is undeniable.

We need adults back in the White House and we need consequences for the traitors who have let our southern border be invaded. Rest in peace to the innocent mother and her daughter killed by a human trafficker over the weekend.

We won’t forget you.