Bette Midler Manages to Even Offend Fellow Liberals With Abortion Tweet

Bette Midler is a washed-up comedian who somehow got famous for being an aggressive, loudmouth fool about 20 years ago.

She is riding that fame train for all it’s worth, thinking people still care about what she has to say and appreciate her sense of humor or political insights.

There’s one small problem: Midler isn’t funny at all. She’s also got typical Boomer liberal insights into politics that are so stupid they make you want to cry.

Her latest unfortunate “joke” came as a result of the baby formula shortage. Midler decided to make this about abortion, but even her fellow leftists found she’s just not funny or smart in any way.

What Did Midler Say?

There is a major baby formula shortage going on in America. People found out the Biden regime has no plan for this. Under President Trump, we had record prosperity, low gas prices, and world peace.

Under Biden, we have Russia about to start World War Three, inflation through the roof, and gas prices so high that the economy is about to collapse.

However, even in this awful situation, the Biden regime found enough baby formula to supply the children of illegal immigrants at the border, while American mothers have been left out in the cold.

Sounds about right for this treasonous regime and its enablers, right?

In any case, Midler decided to sound off her entitled Hollywood leftist opinion about the shortage, scolding those who are complaining, including far left host Stephanie Ruhle at MSNBC.

“TRY BREASTFEEDING,” Midler nagged in all caps, adding, unlike abortion, at least breastfeeding is ready “on demand.”

Midler’s Pro-Abortion Idiocy

Midler is a pampered celebrity who doesn’t care about American moms or anything else other than her own inflated ego (and body weight). She’s previously said insane things like everyone in West Virginia is a drug addict who is stupid.

In this case, Ruhle and numerous others told off Midler, including the head of NARAL (pro-abortion group) Ilyse Hogue.

Hogue noted Midler is incorrect and that baby formula is often necessary for moms to have enough milk to feed their kids. Even Hogue wasn’t buying into the cheap, pro-abortion signaling that Midler was going for here.

Nobody is buying into her cynical “comedy” because it’s not funny, accurate, or exciting in any way.

The Bottom Line

Can Hollywood at least try to get some comedians and celebrities who are funny or interesting in some way?

People of all political beliefs have had enough of these washed-up hags who think they can tell the rest of us how to live.

Stick to your retirement and stay off Twitter, Bette. We’d all be mighty happy if you could just commit to doing that going forward.