Ice Baths at Wellness Centers Are the New Oxygen Bars

The Daring Foods company saw a 250% growth curve in its second year since it was founded; the executives decided to go for what sounds like the most unconventional networking strategy ever.

The “plant-based chicken” company’s success was celebrated with a collective ice bath the company’s execs took together; CEO Ross Mackay hailed the experience as life-changing.

Seems an ice-cold bath with your coworkers is all your company needs

According to him, after they’d lasted through the pain of the ice cold water on their skin, they all felt great about themselves, with endorphins spiking through the roof.

Soon thereafter, any challenge they faced felt like a breeze; sooner than later, others started catching onto their out-of-pocket strategy.

Mackay explained he’s a frequent user of sauna and wellness center services, adding that he’s been plunging into ice-filled baths for a while now, following it up with an infrared sauna session.

However, he felt his employees needed to feel the comfort of proper relaxation after a hard day’s work; he opened a corporate account at Remedy Place, one of New York’s and Los Angeles’ high-end wellness chains.

This way, whenever he’d see an employee having a great month or even a bad month, he’d send them off to the center, either to celebrate the month’s victories or to sit back and take everything in one step at a time.

Changing a setting goes a long way

In fact, Mackey has incorporated this wellness strategy into his job interviews as well, claiming he’d met with a candidate at Remedy Place and talked with them over employment while enjoying an IV drip session.

Even the wellness center’s founder, Jonathan Leary, is surprised at the number of meetings that happen at his business, considering it’s a spa equipped with all the latest technology and wellness treatments.

However, it’s not hard to see the appeal, especially after spending two years cooped up in our homes due to the pandemic that raged across the entire planet.

Companies simply figured out that quality of life and employee health are priorities; what better way to nurture them than with sauna treatments and professional massages?

Another part of the appeal it has may be the novelty of it all, as this strategy is fairly new in the business sphere of things.

Kane Sarhan, the founder of another wellness center, claims company execs just aren’t interested in group yoga anymore; dynamic stuff like IV drips, sound baths, and energy work is much more interesting.

Additionally, those who conduct business at these centers often find they produce better results than they do in other settings.

Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned yoga, but trying something new with your team every once in a while surely won’t hurt.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.