Hunter Biden’s Paintings Sell for $250K Each, But Claims Poverty in Custody Battle

The son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, reportedly made $250,000 for each painting. Though now the artist is accused of lying about his financial situation to get out of paying child support.

Biden’s attorneys say he is not privileged and wealthy because he slept on a cot in his father’s hotel room during their recent vacation to Ireland.

A Good Painter??

At a hearing, Biden’s attorneys testified their client receives no salary or other regular source of income, other than a commission on paintings sold through a New York gallery.

They said in order to prevent political influence peddling, Biden agreed with the gallery that he will not disclose the names of his customers or the prices at which his artwork sells.

Biden apparently spends $20,000 a month on rent at a house in Malibu, despite his claims of poverty.

Ocean views, a spa, and an exclusive gym are all advertised features of this resort. Biden’s legal team said after his last car was repossessed, the famous attorney Kevin Morris gave him a new car.

Smells Fishy

Biden’s lawyers are alleging he cannot afford to pay child support in the ongoing custody case. Critics, however, have claimed he can afford to fight in court, thanks to the support of Democratic donors.

Hunter Biden has been accused of privilege and influence peddling as a result of the scandal surrounding his finances.

Skeptics questioned the rationale behind the high prices paid for the work of a former crack addict when neither the work’s value, nor the buyers’ identities, have been disclosed to the public at any time whatsoever.

Supporters of Biden continue to defend his artistic abilities, while detractors of his urge for more openness in his business affairs. The president’s son will likely release additional declarations regarding his own wealth as time goes on.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.