Hunter Biden Met With Putin’s Ally Now Wanted in Two Murders

New details about first son Hunter Biden reveal he met with a Putin ally who is now wanted in two murders.

This depicts close ties between Hunter and the Russian oligarchy led by Vladimir Putin.

Hunter Biden’s Ties With Putin’s Top Ally Exposed

When Hunter met with Russian businessman Telman Ismailov in 2012, his father was the vice president of the United States.

Reportedly, Hunter pushed the Russian oligarch to invest money in his company. In 2017, Ismaiov paid $2 million to kill two people, Vladimir Savkin and Yury Briley, over a business dispute.

According to a Russian investigative committee, both of these men had business differences with Ismailov.

However, Ismailov who sought asylum in Montenegro, denied all allegations against him. According to him, he was subjected to “political and economic persecution” by Russia.

Experts believe Hunter established these secretive relations with the Russian businessman on a give-and-take basis.

As he urged the oligarch to invest in his company, he probably returned the favor as well. 

The president of the Security Studies Group, Jim Hanson, noted every person other than crack dealers wanted to meet Hunter in order to get access to his father.

So, his son was “selling access” to different individuals who wanted to come close to his father for political gain.

Hunter’s History of Colluding with Russian Billionaires

Ismailov was not the only Russian billionaire connected to Hunter. As per the New York Post, three other multi-billionaires with close ties to Putin met Hunter Biden.

Included in them were the CEO of the Russian state-owned company Sergey Chemezov, president of another Russian company Vladimir Yevtushenkov, and Russian real estate tycoon Samuel S. Karapetyan.

Chemezov is a long-term partner of Putin, who worked with him in the 1980s as the KGB agent in East Germany. He was sanctioned by the United States both in 2014 and 2022, the years when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Similarly, Karapetyan, who owns a super 285-foot-long super yacht, is also a close ally of the Russian president. He is famously known as the “king of Russian real estate.” Though, he does not face any sanctions from America.

Furthermore, Yevtushenkov is sanctioned by England and Australia over the ongoing Ukraine war, but the US did not put any sanctions on him.

He also attended a breakfast with Hunter in New York City in 2012; though Yevtushenkov’s representative noted it was just a routine “business trip.”

Many political commentators claim the Biden administration remained soft on billionaires who have close ties with Hunter Biden, even though America sanctioned many top allies of Putin in the wake of the Ukraine war.

Despite having such close relations between Hunter Biden and Russian state officials, Democrats keep blaming Donald Trump for colluding with Russia to grab the 2016 presidency.