Huge Surprises in Tuesday’s Primary Battles

Primary elections are extremely important in order to find out who will represent a party heading into the midterms.

Tuesday was the most dramatic of the primaries on the 2022 schedules. Idaho, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Oregon all did their part to pick candidates for the Republican and Democrat Parties.

Here’s what happened in some of the key primaries and what it means for conservatives and patriots in the upcoming midterms…

America First Candidate Wins Out in Pennsylvania

Doug Mastriano succeeded in his hopes to become the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, after a late-breaking endorsement by President Trump.

Mastriano was disliked by some of the party establishment, especially after not backing down on his belief that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump by fraud and tricks.

He previously tried to get Pennsylvania’s presidential election results overturned. He also participated in the January 6 protests; although he did not engage in trespassing or violence.

Another notable result on the Democrat side was the victory of hospital-bound John Fetterman, who will be Pennsylvania’s Democrat candidate for the US Senate. He was opposed by Conor Lamb, but won by a huge margin.

Fetterman is further left than Lamb. This means the Democrats are going more to the left, while Republicans go more to the right with Mastriano in crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania.

More evidence of Rustbelt polarization?

Far-left radical Summer Lee was leading to become a congressional candidate in another primary in Pennsylvania. Fanatical leftist Jamie McLeod-Skinner was running for Congress to represent Oregon’s 5th district.

Biden specifically endorsed McLeod-Skinner’s opponent Kurt Schrader for the nomination. Biden has been trying to move back to the center so Democrats don’t get hit as hard in the midterms, but it was unsuccessful.

Republicans will now have a real chance to get a House seat in Oregon, due to how polarizing McLeod-Skinner is.

Dramatic Results in North Carolina

In North Carolina, freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn was beaten by Chuck Edwards. He quickly reacted to the news, wishing Edwards well.

The GOP and RINO machine moved strongly against Cawthorn, drumming up a number of controversies about him and doing their best to get rid of him.

This was especially backed by Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who put his weight behind Edwards and succeeded in ousting Cawthorn.

Trump put his support behind Cawthorn, but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide with so much of the GOP establishment and money lined up against him.

What About Dr. Oz?

Other dramatic results also saw Trump-backed Dr. Oz do very well in the Pennsylvania Senate race for the GOP; although that race is still too close to call.

Another pick of Trump for the Senate from North Carolina called Ted Budd easily won over his challenger Pat McRory.