Huge News in Michigan Governor Kidnapping Trial

In the leadup to the 2020 election, there was a national scandal surrounding the attempted abduction of Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The liberal media was panicked and full of warnings: about white supremacists, conservatives, and the MAGA movement.

They claimed that a group of deranged men had been plotting to kidnap and potentially commit violence against Whitmer, motivated by far-right politics.

The prosecution has the evidence of the plot, recordings, and material to show this group was planning an abduction, and it went to trial.

Now, two of the men involved in the plot have found the outcome of their trial to supposedly overthrow democracy. Yet, it’s not how anyone expected this to turn out.

Cleared of All Charges

The two individuals charged with the abduction plot were cleared of all charges in Grand Rapids by a jury of their peers, while the two other men who supposedly led the plot led to a hung jury.

The trial went on for weeks, but exposed fully how this group of men had been directly incited to violent action by an FBI informant.

This ongoing entrapment led to the charges being dropped, because there was no way to prove they would have gotten so far in their plans and extremism without the strong encouragement of the undercover agent.

Whitmer reacted to the news of these men being acquitted through her chief of staff, who said this is an example of normalizing “political violence.”

It took the jury five days of debating the charges and evidence presented at the trial to clear Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta of the charges. Harris also had charges lifted for having a gun and bomb-making equipment.

As for the two higher ringleaders, Adam Fox and Barry Croft, the jury was unable to reach a decision on their fate; so they are likely to be re-prosecuted for conspiracy once again.

Massive Defeat

Talking about this radical, supposedly homegrown plot of right-wing extremists was a huge focus in the media. It was used to blame President Trump and help force him out of office in the 2020 election.

Finding out that the plot was led by an FBI agent shocked a lot of people, and led to these two men getting off today.

The fact that Fox and Croft are still up for potential new charges doesn’t change how big of a humiliation and exposure this is of the lies of the left.

Harris and Caserta were thrilled with the verdict after months of being put through the wringer and accused of being violent extremists for getting caught up in a federally-led plot against Whitmer.

They waited in jail for a year and a half just in preparation for the trial itself, so even despite being found fully innocent, these two men lost almost two years of their life over this.