HUGE: Democrat Fundraising Group Busted For Massive Money Laundering

We never hear the end of Democrats and the left accusing conservatives of everything that they’re actually guilty of. One item the left won’t stop shouting about is “election integrity” and election fraud.

Well, now one of the largest fundraising organizations for the Democrats named ActBlue has been busted for massive money laundering around the world.

What Did ActBlue Do?

Thanks to the investigative journalism of James O’Keefe and his new O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), we now know that ActBlue has been involved in some very fraudulent activity.

O’Keefe did some old-school journalism, going door to door to check the accuracy of some Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

They showed contributions from Democratic voters, some with hundreds of donations in an election cycle and upwards of $200,000 given.

O’Keefe wanted to find out the veracity of these donations, so he went to the listed donors’ actual doors and asked if it was true.

What he found was fraud. These “smurfs” didn’t give any of this money. One person in Annapolis gave $217,000 to ActBlue over three years, amounting to a whopping 12,000 transactions.

Another Democrat said he agreed he hadn’t made 3,000 contributions over $32,000 to ActBlue, but said it was probably Trump’s fault anyway and Trump should be attacked with a baseball bat.

The point is: these were not conservatives; they were listed Democratic donors. They didn’t give that money to ActBlue, they just served as useful names for a money laundering operation.

The Democrat Mafia

The Republican Party has plenty of corruption and RINOs too, of course. It’s nothing like this type of ground-level thuggery. It’s most helpful to think of the Democrat Party as a kind of mafia.

Scott McKay for American Spectator also found numerous examples of ActBlue laundering going on further south in Louisiana and other states. O’Keefe found it in Maryland.

None of this is a mistake. It’s likely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Democrat mafia and how they have been involved in breaking election fundraising law.

The Bottom Line

House Republicans need to dig into this with an official investigation. ActBlue needs to be put on notice and frozen until this fraud is resolved.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.