Huge Amount of Illegals Were Caught in April

The crisis on our southern border is beyond what most people can even imagine.

Residents of border areas in Texas, Arizona, and California know it all too well; so do Floridians and those who are swamped by incoming illegals on boats and other methods.

Now, statistics have just come out for the month of April and they are worse than anyone ever expected.

Joe Biden and his treasonous Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, own this, and they must answer for it. These numbers are beyond the scope of anything we can absorb as a country.

234,000 Illegals Tried to Cross Border in April

According to US Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP), there were 234,000 illegal immigrants detained along our border in the month of April. These are the highest numbers we’ve seen in years.

The last time it got so bad was in March 2000, when we recorded 220,000 apprehensions in one month on the border.

Under President Trump, we saw the construction of a border wall and much harsher immigration restrictions and policies, which had a big impact.

The increase in illegal immigration in the country under Biden is not surprising. What’s worse is that Title 42, which made it easier to expel illegals under COVID rules, is expiring on May 23.

So, thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants will walk to the southern border in the coming weeks.

They’ll be hoping to file asylum applications and be released into the United States, instead of being sent back to await an asylum hearing, as they would have been under Title 42.

Officials estimate we could see around 10,000 to 15,000 illegals per day once Title 42 expires. That would amount to 300,000 or more per month with many released into our nation.

It is absolutely mind-boggling and insane that this could be happening.

Biden’s Breakdown

A leading new poll done by Susquehanna showed that a whopping 52% of voters strongly disagree with the way Biden is handling security on our southern border.

Only 34% approve.

Despite these dismal approval ratings, Biden and his incompetent VP Kamala Harris have not shown any real concern or action-oriented policies towards our southern border.

Instead of focusing on the flow of illegal immigration, Mayorkas has been concerned about creating a Ministry of Truth led by a man-hating Russia hoax supporter called Nina Jankowicz.

Mayorkas has also been saying “white supremacy” is the biggest threat faced by our nation. He needs to travel to the southern border, meet a few of the drug trafficking and sex trafficking cartels, and then give his opinion again.

The Bottom Line

The wall needs to be built as soon as possible. Biden needs to publicly apologize to Trump with three simple words: Trump was right. 

We all know it. Biden knows it and the Democrats know it. Now is the time to put policies into action and protect our country.