How Venezuela’s Narcoterrorist Dictator is Winning the Love of the America Left

The leader of Venezuela is a man named Nicolas Maduro. He’s been in charge of the poor and unstable South American nation since 2013.

Maduro’s regime has committed a number of crimes against humanity. His government has routinely arrested people for criticizing it, shut down the internet, and paid off its inner circle, while keeping the ordinary people poor.

Maduro and his inner circle have also been indicted for being involved in drug trafficking. He is not considered the legal leader of Venezuela, according to the US State Department. There is currently a $15 million reward on his head from the US government.

Though for a growing amount of American leftists, Maduro is somebody they look up to and agree with. Here’s why…

Maduro Goes Woke

Here’s the thing: the US hasn’t had any ties with Maduro since 2019. The Department of Justice indicted him on narcoterrorism in 2020. Though Maduro is trying his best to build ties with the US far left and it’s working.

He’s doing so by going woke, especially reaching out to groups like the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Antifa, and others. Groups like DSA retain members of Congress who are part of them, so they have significant reach.

As for Antifa and other leftist radicals, they are routinely justified by large portions of the liberal media, along with BLM and other Marxist organizations. VP Kamala Harris even tweeted out a bail link for BLM and Antifa rioters during the 2020 riots in our cities.

A growing amount of leftists are seeing Maduro in a new way: as a fellow culture warrior. When Maduro goes on TV and talks in speeches that young leftists may see in America and elsewhere, he uses the language of the LGBT movement, feminism, and environmentalism.

Climate change, tolerance, standing up for women: these are the ideas that Maduro wants to be associated with himself while he arrests people for free speech and hunts down political opponents.

The Rabbithole Goes Deeper

It’s not just DSA and a few fringe leftists who have been meeting up with Maduro and getting invited to events in Venezuela. It’s also Maduro making inroads in the BLM movement.

He was invited to one BLM event in 2015 and took a photo with high-up BLM member, Ayo Tometi. A few months later, Tometi was down in Venezuela being an “observer” to make sure the elections went well.

Maduro was seen starting to use the words “white supremacy” to talk about his political opponents and claim they were opposing him out of racism.

See how this works? Maduro didn’t get where he is from being stupid.

He understands something the American left also knows: wokeness is a weapon. It’s a psychological warfare technique that shames and humiliates your enemies by confusion and lying.

We’ve had our warning. It’s time to take wokeness very seriously indeed and understand it’s an attempted subversion of our nation.