How the CDC Eviction Ruling Sets Us Up for Soviet Communism

The eviction moratorium has been in place for most of the pandemic. It prevents renters from being booted out onto the street when they can’t pay rent; basically, it gives folks a free pass during these difficult times.

However, with the economy on a big comeback and plenty of jobs available, it was high time for this to end. On July 31, it was slated to finish and evictions were legally back on. After all, the postponement was only ever supposed to be temporary.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stepped in at the last moment and put the moratorium back on. At first, this seems like a good thing, but it’s actually a step toward full communism in the United States disguised as compassion.

Here’s why.

The March to Communism Under the Biden Regime

First let’s be specific. The illegal CDC extension banning evictions doesn’t apply to everyone. It applies to those who are renting in parts of states with “high levels” of COVID infection.

Basically our disease agency is saying they can’t kick people out because they need to make sure the disease is contained. The Supreme Court has already said the CDC does not have this right and Biden admitted it.

Only Congress legally had the right to extend the eviction ban, but the CDC did it anyway. So, who cares? You should. Even if you’re sympathetic to those at risk of eviction, as I am, you should also be sympathetic and concerned about middle class landlords who will now continue to be denied payment for the properties they rent.

They have literally no legal way to evict non-paying tenants from properties. Private property cannot – and will not – exist in a system where there is no ability to make money from owning private property and where property rights mean nothing.

This is one of the main parts of communism; in fact it’s the number one main part of communism. The government owns all the land and “distributes” it to the citizens.

The State Tramples on Private Property Rights

The worst examples of communist states trampling on private property rights come from Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao Zedong’s China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. What happened in a nutshell is that millions of land-owners and hard-working people in the middle class had their guns and land taken away; they were then murdered and starved by the millions in gulags and concentration camps.

Anyone who stood up for property rights or individual freedom was tortured, murdered and disappeared. It was all done in the supposed name of helping “workers” and the poor. The actual result was a small inner elite of wealthy communists running the government and a country full of half-starved, enslaved and horrified people living under tyranny.

If you spoke out: you disappeared, and so did your family. We cannot accept that in America under any circumstances.

Taking a Page from Mao

In Mao’s China, “peasants” who wanted to do well and earn money were considered the number one enemy. Everybody was supposed to lower themselves down to being fully dependent on the state.

Mao’s “Land Reform” policy basically meant starving and murdering land owners to make sure the state got everything they had. Once you have the land you have the power. Every communist regime knows that; using the CDC to extend the ban on evictions is just another path towards the same end.