How Much Will Supreme Court Abortion Draft Change the Midterms?

The leak of the abortion decision at the Supreme Court has the liberal media in an uproar. The fact that the landmark abortion rights decision, Roe v. Wade, could be overturned later this year has liberals furious.

In fact, leftists have been out in the streets enraged and even outside the houses of Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts.

Pro-life activists have been attacked. We are hearing a lot from the Democrat Party about how this will lead to them winning the midterms and erasing a lot of the red wave we thought was coming.

Is it true?

Will This Leak Energize the Left’s Base?

According to liberal outlets like NBC News, this leak is going to have a “seismic” impact on the upcoming midterms.

With the best poll numbers for Republicans in half a century, the Democrats will need a miracle to stop the red wave that’s coming.

Though the truth of the matter is that the left’s base is not going to be nearly as energized as the right’s base is by this issue.

The left may be passionate about abortion and pro-choice positions, but the right has a much larger base on this issue. Seeing the left’s hysterical and violent outburst is going to lead to even bigger Republican wins.

Keep in mind that abortion was almost completely illegal up until the 1970s. The feminist and leftist desire to make it seem like some kind of fundamental human right is very new. Most people do not buy it, including many independents and centrists.

Even those who support some abortion rights feel that the ongoing push for abortion any time for any reason is very odd and disturbing.

What Do the Latest Polls Say?

The latest polls show that about 66% say they want Roe v. Wade to stay and abortion to exist in America at least in some form. This includes 30% of Republicans.

Though whether this will actually push more leftists to the polls is highly questionable and the polls don’t back it up. So far, polling shows that about 6% more people than usual plan to vote in the upcoming midterms.

The problem for the left is this 6% includes about an even split of people on both sides of the political spectrum. This means that massive conservative polling leads still largely remain.

The left is not going to be able to use Roe v. Wade as the polarizing vote-catching scheme they think. In fact, there may even be an increase in conservative activism and turnout because of the left’s dramatic overreaction, as I mentioned earlier.

The Bottom Line

If Roe v. Wade is overturned this summer, that still doesn’t mean the left is going to be able to make up for their low polling numbers and win the midterms.