How Low The Dems Are Willing To Go, Pulling Funding For Security Details

Well, we all ought to have anticipated this. Even today, we keep underestimating the Democrats’ willingness to use the prospect of violence to force compliance with their ultimatums.

Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley reported 15 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee wrote to the Appropriations Committee, asking funds be withheld from the security that protects the lives of Supreme Court justices and their families…until the court accedes to the wishes of the Democrats.


You can’t have missed the smear campaign that’s been waged against the justices, particularly Justice Thomas. Because of how vicious it got, Justice Thomas’s colleagues criticized the Democrats for their baseless attacks.

It has been reported that Democrats are threatening to cut funding for the security personnel that protects the justices unless Chief Justice Roberts gives in to their desires that the court accepts a Code of Ethics proposed by the left.

Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley attacked their Democratic counterparts for “threaten[ing] to reduce the funding for security measures at the Supreme Court” at a Senate Judiciary hearing on Supreme Court ethics reform.

It’s an absurd overreach that destroys the necessary separation of powers in our system.

Given the level of hatred and actual violence aimed at the conservative (and only the conservative) members of the court, influencing the court in this way amounted to a death threat.

All Under Biden

The Biden administration already permits unlawful demonstrations in front of the justices’ homes. Everyone is aware that Justice Kavanaugh was the target of an attempted assassination. Two more attempts have reportedly failed.

The justices’ children have also been targeted with death threats and they have been doxed. Democrats have threatened to unleash a wave of lawsuits if the justices don’t give in to their demands.

Democrats are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, no matter how evil it may be. Each time you think they could not possibly be more vile, they shock you by finding a new way to gain greater influence.

I’m not sure what else you’d need to see to believe Democrats are turning into a dictatorial party. The modern Democrat Party is perfectly in character when it threatens the Supreme Court with mob violence if it doesn’t give in to the mob’s demands.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.