How China is Weaponizing America’s ‘Social Justice’ Movement

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The Chinese Communist government is America’s greatest geopolitical threat. No serious foreign policy analyst would argue with you on that. 

But when you start to go deeper and explain to them how Chinese-funded groups like Liberation Road were some of the main backers of Black Lives Matter and how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the American military and government they would probably say you’re off your rocker. 

If you then went on to explain that China is actively encouraging and promoting the American social justice movement and groups like Antifa and weaponizing racial tension, the foreign policy analysts would shake their head and call you crazy. 

The problem is: it’s true. 

China’s not just interested in stealing our military secrets and dominating us on the seas and in the air. They want to collapse this country from the inside. 

And the best way to do that? Wokeism and “social justice.”

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China is Collapsing America Through Woke Supremacy

The “woke” or social justice ideology (also known as intersectionalism, progressivism and critical race theory) is basically fairly simple at heart.

It argues that Whites, Christians and males are evil oppressors who only have power by using force and violence. It argues that only group or systemic issues matter in the end and that therefore all minorities are victims and all injustice is structural.

This anti-human and anti-American worldview therefore views everything through the lens of race, sexuality, victimization and historical injustice. It is the perfect tool for heartless abortion-loving communist genociders to collapse American society from the inside. 

Author of Woke Inc. Vivek Ramaswamy is one of those who’s been sounding the alarm, trying to let Americans know that wokeness isn’t just some goofy thing your 20-year-old kid goes off about at Thanksgiving and is actually a dangerous psyop being encouraged by China. 

One example is even just China’s encouraging of controversy over COVID-19 being called the Wuhan virus or China virus by President Trump and recently by Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor John Husted. 

“The Zika virus, the Marburg virus, and Ebola, were all named after the places of origin. In fact, MERS stands for the Middle Eastern respiratory virus. That’s an older coronavirus,” Ramaswamy noted, going on to ask why we can’t mention China when naming COVID-19?

“The answer is crystal clear to me. It is that China has mastered the art of using wokeness as a geopolitical tool against the United States. And if there is any doubt about that, just look at the comments of Xi Jinping when European leaders pressed him last year on [China’s] human rights record. He cites Black Lives Matter as a way of saying the U.S. is no better.”

Ramaswamy is absolutely correct, and as he notes it goes far more than just casual support. China is actually using wokeness to try to claim America is mass murdering its own people in some kind of Holocaust.

“Their top diplomat in Alaska last month falsely claiming that black Americans are being slaughtered, and [that] he hopes the U.S. does better on human rights,” Ramaswamy said. 

Time to Call Out the Wuhan Virus

Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Husted caused a stir recently when he said that former CDC director Robert Redfield is correct that the virus started at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab. Suddenly it was a huge controversy that Husted called the COVID-19 virus by the name of where it originated. 

As Ramaswamy points out, this refusal to name the virus is part of China’s attempt to control the narrative and cover themselves for the egregious crime they unleashed on the world. 

“They have mastered this game and they are using Americans here as pawns by now, deflecting accountability for COVID-19 by claiming that any allusion to China is now racist. And that’s laughable,” Ramaswamy said. 

He’s right. It’s time to start calling the Wuhan flu exactly what it is.