House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Big Trouble

Up until the 1960s and the counterculture hippie movement, even the Democrat Party was pro-life. This is especially true of those Democrats and other politicians who belong to the Catholic Church.

Even NY Governor Mario Cuomo in the 1980s noted he personally was pro-life; although he didn’t want to legislate abortion restrictions nationally.

The Catholic Church’s doctrine makes it crystal clear that it is against abortion, as well as against the death penalty.

While the church offers forgiveness for those who repent of mortal sins, it does not allow those who willingly partake in them, and plan to continue to do so, to receive Holy Communion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic and has now found out the hard way that the church isn’t joking around.

Pelosi Banned From Taking Communion

Salvatore Cordileone is the San Francisco Archbishop, which means he is in charge of the Catholic Church in the San Francisco parish. On Friday, he declared Pelosi will not be receiving communion as a result of her vocal support for abortion.

Catholics believe that communion, a biscuit, and wine, are the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Taking communion is the central part of worship and is considered a consecration and redemptive act that reconciles you with God.

Cordileone said he tried to contact Pelosi numerous times to tell her her beliefs and support for abortion go against doctrine, but said his letters received no reply.

Since 100 A.D., the Catholic Church’s position has been clear that abortion is a “grave sin” and those who get one or help someone in any way to get one are committing a grave and mortal sin. This can lead to going to hell.

Cordileone added that full ex-communication or banishment from the Catholic Church is also a possible penalty going forward for the “abominable crimes” that Pelosi supports.

As of now, she is banned under canon law 915 from taking communion.

Leftists Respond With Rage

Leftists are enraged about this step from Cordileone and the Catholic Church.

Politicians like Joe Biden, who is also Catholic, have been very vocal in their support of abortion, which Biden claimed is a “fundamental” human right.

The huge amounts of donor money from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and lobby groups undoubtedly also had their effect.

Some leftists are pointing out this ruling seems political, since Pelosi was banned, but many pro-choice Catholics still take communion.

In fact, under Catholicism and the rules of confession, those who have committed a sin should be telling a priest and trying to repent.

This self-monitoring would exclude them from taking communion while not yet repenting for a sin, which is considered a massive mistake leading to hell.

For this reason, Pelosi and any other pro-choice Catholics who support abortion should not receive communion under church law.