House GOP Strikes Favorable Deal With Bragg

Alvin Bragg, the DA of Manhattan, and House Republicans came to an agreement. The agreement in question permits the House Judiciary Committee to interrogate a prior prosecutor over Bragg’s prosecution of former President Trump.

Pomerantz Subpoenaed

Mark Pomerantz, a previous Manhattan prosecutor who wrote a tell-all memoir about the DA Bragg’s inquiry into Trump, was summoned by the Oversight Committee.

He was subpoenaed in March to testify about whether any federal monies had been utilized in the probe of the previous president. The committee was chaired by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

According to the GOP, it was their responsibility, as well as their right, to look into if these constituted politically influenced state probes and charges.

In an effort to challenge the summons, Bragg attacked the committee and prosecuted Rep. Jordan, but his case was rejected by a federal court judge who informed him, “No one has any authority over the law.”

The New York Post is currently reporting that, following an arrangement with House Republicans on Friday, Bragg removed the request after appealing the decision and receiving a suspension on an interim basis.

In accordance with the arrangement, Pomerantz will be able to answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee on May 12. This is a day later than originally planned and he will be accompanied by a representative from Bragg’s office.

Surprisingly, the resolution is viewed as a win by both parties.

Political Motivations to be Revealed

The Manhattan DA office’s use of federal monies to conduct an inquiry and prosecute the previous president is at the center of the congressional investigation. In that case, the House is entitled to control how the money will be utilized.

The GOP will also gain from demonstrating that the inquiry and prosecution are driven by politics and an effort to advance before the 2024 election.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.