Host Chris Cuomo Just Got Very Bad News From CNN

CNN just fired Chris Cuomo, and that’s not fake news. The host is out at CNN after being placed on suspension for trying to save his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, from sexual harassment accusations.

The Cuomo brothers now have a 100% unemployment rate, which is pretty embarrassing for two rich guys from a leading New York Democrat family. They once dominated politics and media; now they dominate sitting on the couch and watching everyone talk about their failures.

Andrew Cuomo forced COVID-positive people into nursing homes and thousands of people died. He also apparently groped dozens of women. Chris Cuomo then tried his best to cover it up for his brother. Now, he’s been caught and fired.

What Happened?

Cuomo was fired yesterday after already being suspended a few days ago. According to CNN, they hired lawyers to look through what Cuomo had done. CNN then found it was no longer possible to keep him on at the network.

They also said worse things Cuomo did have been exposed and will be investigated as well, even though he’s already been dismissed. What exactly that means has yet to be released, but CNN’s attempt to pretend they actually care about journalistic ethics is hilarious.

According to everything we know so far, Cuomo’s texts got exposed, showing he had been directly giving his brother clues about media coverage so Andrew could get out ahead of the scandal.

Cuomo says Andrew’s resignation was a game done by Republicans and he’s continued to believe Andrew is innocent of any intentional sexual misconduct.

The Bottom Line

Cuomo was very upset when he was suspended on Tuesday. The news he’s now being fired is definitely going to throw him for a loop.

Far worse things have been done on CNN than a host trying to help out his brother who he believes is innocent; so it’s a bit ironic this is what ends up leading to termination.

Even Jeffrey Toobin (who masturbated on a Zoom call) is back on CNN as a legal analyst. You have to wonder what dirt Toobin has on them to get that worked out. Then again, CNN’s standards are so low, it’s not really a surprise.

Chris Cuomo spent years on his moral high horse, talking about how conservatives are ignorant. He’s also been best buddies with Anderson Cooper and other fake news personalities at CNN.

Now, his own network is stabbing him in the back and playing the same game, pretending to be shocked and outraged he tried to help his brother.

CNN has no shame; they are a network of idiots who deserve the lowest ratings possible. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the pending sexual assault case against CNN host Don Lemon as well.