Horrifying Story of Forced Vaccination of Minors Out of New York

If you believe Joe Biden and the Democrats, the main problem right now in America is unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated are killing themselves and others.

They’re denying science. They’re spreading conspiracy theories, and they’re letting COVID get worse. The reality, of course, is the opposite.

The vaccinations don’t stop transmission and increasingly appear not to save lives. The statistics get worse by the week in highly vaccinated countries and cities.

However, that doesn’t stop the left from their obsession. Now, a recent case out of New York should have all parents keeping a close eye on their kids.

Forced Jab in Long Island

Laura Russo works as a leftist biology teacher who lives in Long Island, New York. This entitled liberal is a huge supporter of the COVID vaccines and believes everyone should get them.

She is now suspended from her job after tricking her son’s friend, who is 17, into getting a “homemade” COVID shot.

Here’s what happened: Russo noticed her son’s buddy was over at home and told him she knew how to give him a vaccine that doesn’t require parental permission.

She then preps his arm and gives him the homemade injection. You can watch the video of the creepy incident below.

What Did Russo Give the Teen?

According to reports, Russo gave the teen a shot of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which she prepped at home. This vaccine is only for Americans who are over 18 and isn’t available for minors without their parents’ consent.

The teacher disobeyed the boy’s parents because they didn’t want him to have the shot, which is why she gave it to him.

It’s unclear how Russo got ahold of the J&J shot in the first place, considering she’s not a physician. Chances are a liberal friend in the medical sciences disobeyed basic law and ethics to give her some doses.

For her part, Russo got arrested and charged when the teen went home and told his mom she’d given him the shot without permission. Police were called and Russo was charged for impersonating a doctor.

Who is Russo?

Russo is a married mom who has six kids.

She’s a high school biology teacher and she also is not a medical professional. The charges against her stem from the fact that she’s not authorized to give out vaccines.

She will go before the court later this month, and for the time being, she is not allowed to teach. That’s all as it should be, but we need to think about what kind of mindset wants to disobey parents and forcibly inject kids.

It’s a mindset that comes straight from Dr. Fauci and his minions. These people are dangerous and have no respect for the law.