Horrific Scene as Mass Death of Migrants Discovered in Texas

The southern border between our country and Mexico is a horror show. It’s largely run by drug cartels from the Mexican side and stateside; we can’t figure out how to protect it.

Partly it’s our laws, with news recently breaking that Biden’s top ICE lawyer, Kerry Doyle, has given amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Another reason is we just don’t have the resources.

Now, a horrific tragedy has occurred after over 46 illegal immigrants were found dead inside an 18-wheeler truck in San Antonio, Texas.

Survivors Hospitalized

The truck was discovered in San Antonio and had over 100 illegal immigrants inside. Most are believed to have died; although only 46 have been confirmed so far.

16 of those found inside the locked trailer were rushed to the hospital and were still surviving. Police say this was part of a human trafficking mission whereby people are smuggled into the United States after paying coyotes.

San Antonio’s Mayor Ron Nirenberg responded to the horrible news by calling it a “horrific tragedy” and saying it’s part of the wider “humanitarian crisis” of illegal immigration.

It is not clear where these illegal immigrants came from or whether that was Mexico or somewhere else.

We do know none of the deceased found so far are children, according to authorities.

However, four of those taken to receive emergency medical assistance at the hospital were kids; so it is tragically likely as the death count rises, more children will be counted among the dead.

San Antonio Police Department Responds

The head of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is William McManus. He said the tractor was found after a man working in the area told authorities about an unusual truck parked on the roadside.

McManus said the case has become “federal” and will be investigated as such. He also said three individuals have been arrested, presumably the coyotes and traffickers who were making money off the backs of these poor people.

It appears everyone who died passed away from intense heat inside the tractor-trailer of the 18-wheeler; its cooling system in the back broke and no cool air was getting in.

In addition, authorities found that no water had been provided in the truck for the migrants.

This is one of the worst kinds of death imaginable: slowly boiling to death with nothing to drink in the back of a truck that you paid thousands to a stranger to transport you to a better life in the back of.

‘These Deaths Are on Biden’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded, saying “these deaths are on Biden.”

Abbott clarified until the border is secured and we have a proper way of stopping illegal immigration, these kinds of horrific tragedies lie at the feet of the Democrat Party.