Horrific Cafe Stabbing Shows How Far Society Has Fallen

If you ask any person from older generations they will likely agree: society has become soft. What does that mean?

It means that younger people especially tend to be much more entitled, weak, and cowardly than their ancestors. The perfect horrible example came recently in a coffee shop stabbing at Starbucks in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

What Happened?

Paul Schmidt was at a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver on Sunday afternoon with his wife and child. He allegedly got into an argument with a Sikh man named Inderdeep Gosal who was vaping near his family.

Schmidt asked if he could please stop and the Gosal didn’t take kindly to it. He then began viciously stabbing Schmidt, 37, in front of the coffee shop as his wife and young daughter watched.

Disturbing video footage shows Schmidt collapsing on the ground in a trail of his own blood. Schmidt was rushed to a hospital nearby, but died after arrival.

What’s Scariest of All

The scariest part of all of this, in addition to the vicious stabbing by 32-year-old Gosal, is the way civilians reacted. They just sat there. One man sipped his coffee, trying not to look at an individual bleeding out on the ground next to him.

Others shrank back as Gosal arrogantly yelled “b*tch” and walked back into the Starbucks as Schmidt collapsed.

Others filmed the scene for social media clout, with the video above done by a guy who keeps saying “he’s dead bro” as if celebrating or mentioning an exciting event.

Another video from the scene shows a guy mocking and hyping what happened to his TikTok followers, as if it was some kind of UFC fight gone wrong and he’s offering exclusive access.

This level of abstraction and weakness is extremely disturbing.

The Bottom Line

When disaster and emergency strikes, you either react or freeze or run. Modern Canada and the liberal, urban United States are deeply unsafe places with very few thick community ties anymore.

People literally watch murder and don’t respond or live stream it for their pencil-arm followers on social media. This is the symptom of a society in deep decline and of masculinity that’s been completely hollowed out.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.