Hillary Clinton Has a Bizarre New Conspiracy Theory About the MAGA Capitol Riot

Hillary Clinton is the failed politician who just won’t go away.

She loves to talk about the massive supposed danger of “White supremacy” and people who believe right-wing conspiracies, but she almost never talks about how she and her supporters pushed the dumbest conspiracy of them all: the idea that Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin.

The unproven conspiracy which was peddled for years by Clinton and her mainstream media machine – with no consequences for those who spread the juvenile lies – is now being brought back.

Clinton’s new conspiracy theory about Trump and the MAGA riots at the Capitol two weeks ago is so stupid that it’s almost hard to tell if she’s joking or not.

Clinton’s Latest Unhinged Conspiracy Theory

Clinton has claimed that she thinks Trump was talking to Putin to plan the Capitol riot and has added that she would “love to see his phone records.” She actually said it.

If Clinton is looking to win an award for the stupidest thing said in the past five years this could be up there.

Clinton made the idiotic comments while speaking to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her podcast. Clinton clearly has never gotten over her 2016 loss to Trump.

In what was one of the worst campaigns ever run by a modern politician, Clinton’s laughable “Stronger Together” run for President was a complete failure that embarrassed her in front of the whole world.

Vladimir Putin – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009 by World Economic Forum is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Blame Putin

Blaming Putin has been the go-to for Democrats during their four year witch hunt of President Trump.

Now they say that Trump supporters need to get over it and accept that Joe Biden won the election. Clinton claims that Trump has a “disdain for democracy” yet she and her supporters are the ones who tried to undermine a fair election for four years with the help of almost the entire media propaganda machine.

Vladimir Putin is not a good guy. One of the world’s richest men who is involved in corruption around the globe and whose friends have stolen from the Russian people and stepped all over them is not someone to admire. It’s also true that Russia’s national security interests are often not aligned with the United States.

But to claim Trump was chatting with Putin about how to overrun his own government building is just bizarre. Especially since the storming of the Capitol – even though it tragically did result in five deaths – was not successful and was clearly not a unified tactical operation run with Russian intelligence help.

Democratic Conspiracies are A-OK, but QAnon is Crazy

According to Clinton and the Democrats, their conspiracies are A-OK and perfectly fine, but the QAnon theories are crazy. Clinton talks about people who accused her of being friends with people who ran a pedophile ring out of the DC Comet Ping Pong Pizza Parlor, but she never explained the weird pedophile code-language used by her campaign manager John Podesta in his Wikileaks e-mails, or the insane pedophilic and child abuse artwork loved by her friends at Comet Ping Pong or by Podesta and his slug brother Tony.

The best way to stop conspiracies is to disprove the claims being made and explain the things that are raising people’s suspicions.

In Trump’s case with the whole Putin propaganda Democratic nonsense, the truth has emerged and it’s clear.

Trump was hoping to build a major Trump Tower expansion in Moscow and was partly friendly to Putin for that reason, in addition to admiring Putin’s charisma and power in Russia. The idea he actively collaborated with Putin to undermine the election or communicated to secretly betray his country during his term is absolutely bogus however.

The fact that jokers like Clinton continue to peddle this garbage shows just how unserious people they are and how much they did not deserve to win the 2020 election.

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